Xbox360 Visualizer, ‘Neon’, is awesome!

This is something that I found out just recently, although I’ve owned a Xbox360 for quite a time already. You can ‘play’ the Xbox360 visualizer with your friend! And it’s the most innovative and original thing that has come bundled with a game system that I’ve ever encountered. Too bad the usage is not mentioned anywhere in the manuals or even in the actual system itself.

Neon Visualizer example

Neon Visualizer example

I stumbled upon homepage of Jeff Minters company, Llamasoft, a while ago and read about the fascinating work that he has done on light synthetizers. From that same history I found out that the ultimate version of his work was bundled with Xbox360, and you could interact with it with all the joypads you have connected to the system. I knew you could spin it around with one joypad before, but this isn’t really any fun. The fun starts when you try it out with a friend, the more the better. Pump up the volume as loud as you can and start exploring the countless hours of fun you can get out of this!

Check out the missing manual here: Neon manual. And try it out if you have a friend and one extra joypad! :) It’s like a interactive, collaborative video DJing application that creates fantastic imaginery.


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