Lex Nokia passed in Parliament, a sad state of affairs in Finland

Yesterday the bill for Lex Nokia was passed through in the Finnish parliament. For you who haven’t heard about it, read more here: Yle News. This is just one more step towards the Orwellian nation. We already have the controversed child pornography filters in place, and now employers and communities (read: housing cooperatives with common Internet access?) having the option to investigate e-mail header information of their members. The actual bill is not effective yet, but I guess the president will just pass it through. It’s just one of the many tools to control and watch people of this nation that are already in place like biometric passes, video camera surveillance, market bonus cards that track everything you buy and electronic traveller tickets that also track everywhere you go.

What next? I can easily imagine how the child pornography filters are expanded to cover more areas like free thinking and sites with controversial information against Nokia and other big companies in Finland. Any other information that might be categorized illegal in Finland might find their way onto this list. That is, illegal in a sense that is against the human nature and the rational mind.

Now that in the near future systems that can be used to surveillance e-mail are set in to place, they also can be expanded to monitor other “suspectible” information, like the actual messages inside e-mails sent by normal civilians who happen to live in a house that has “community subscribed” Internet access ? Like many of the houses here in Finland have, the Internet connection is part of the house you live in. Isn’t that a community subscribed service ? I’m speculating here, as I don’t really understand the whole nature of the bill. And that seems to be the case with the members of the parliament too, as 47 of them didn’t even vote for the bill! What does that say about the whole proposition ? If the politicians can’t vote for it, how can a normal person like me understand what this thing implies ?

Lex Nokia - Controlling People

Lex Nokia - Controlling People

The point is, in the near future we will have preliminary infrastructures in place to censorship the Internet and to monitor our  e-mail communication. Cellphones can already be monitored too. Does this mean that all electronic communication will be restricted in the future? This is my biggest fear. That the only source of open discussion and information will be shut down, censored and limited by those in control. And this will be our downfall as thinking human beings. No longer can we exchange information freely, no longer can we speculate or research things that are already forbidden in the normal realms of communication, like books, news, TV etc. We will return to the time of censored media and censored communication.

Imagine all these systems working together. You send an email to your friend discussing these problems and that you are worried about the current state of the world. They tag this email to be inspected. Then you travel from home to the near store and buy some materials that might be considered harmful if combined in some obscure way. They know the route you took and where did your shopping. They can track you in the cameras and actually see that you were physically there. With this information gathered on you, although you have no actual plans to do anything, only thinking about this stuff and triggering their systems accidentally will lead to mark you suspectible by them. You are now placed under phone surveillance just to be sure.

Now everything you say communicate electronically will be judged by these people who actually have no perspective what you are actually doing, just what you MIGHT be doing in a uncertain future that has not yet been decided upon. You might be even caught and sentenced based on these think crimes you have committed. Does this sound reasonable ?

Hopefully I and many others are wrong and common sense will overcome the greed for control and money. Unfortunaly, the signs do not point that way. European Union, the North American Union and New World Order seems to be the future we are heading for.  And this is part of the negative energy that many people around the world are sensing. The time is nigh to act upon these actions against humanity. Soon we will reach the critical mass and revolution might be the only way out.

Am I ready for revolution? Not yet. But everybody has their personal limits that they are willing to tolerate, and mine is being pushed farther away all the time.


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