Communication is primary

Why did I start this blog ? I have been writing for maybe for year and a half now just for myself, privately, trying to make sense out of  my ideas and to have something to look back to for reference. During this year I have began to realize what is primary in this world, and I think it’s communication. Even by ourselves we go through endless discussion with ourselves when we think. The monologue is very hard to stop. Seems like language itself is the primary way of human thinking.

And by language I do not mean only words and their meanings, because what are words themselves? Just symbols that have some kind of meaning. So by language I mean these symbols and the way we think with them. And down below in our simplest level of operation we operate with these symbols somehow. According to and (feel free to skip anything about conspiracy theories) our brain consists of the left and right hemisphere, the mammal brain and the simplest and most basic so called reptilian brain. Our left brain hemisphere handles the language part of our understanding, right brain hemisphere takes care of the visual processing, the mammal brain handles automatic systems like the central nervous system and digestion, and the reptile brain automatically processes the most primitive of our reactions, like breathing, body temperature, territory control, etc.brain

PID feedback system

PID feedback system, method for adjustment in automation

This reptilian brain of ours operates without us even not knowing about it operating. We cannot negotiate with it as we do with our left brain level of understanding where we can put things into logical sounding sentences and ponder about their meaning . It just happens, like an an autonomous machine that is programmed with some archetype symbols that are inputted to it by our higher parts of the brain.

Where am I going with all this ? The reason communication is primary, is because we need feedback from other members of our society to make correct decisions in our life. And to make these decisions, we need information, be it right or wrong, we still need it. We need all sides of it to make correct judgements about these so called facts that we encounter everywhere.

So why is my communication important and why is your communication important? Because we cannot read one others minds yet, so we need some kind of confirmation and feedback that somebody else thinks the same way. On an subconscious level everything affects everything. So if I read something from your blog one day and even without thinking really about it, my brain might process that information weeks later and tell me that it was correct and contained useful information for me to react on.

If we only get these messages through a controlled media, like TV, news etc we’re not going to get the full picture. We’re getting a perspective of the picture shot through a narrow window which is controlled by the owners of these medias. And thus, we are basing our decisions on these ideas and images that are chosen so that they are affecting our most basic level of decision making on a subconscious level that we do not understand. I’m not going to spell it out here as you should make your own judgement or mass media and the way news and stories are told to us.

That is why we need independent information of views and ideas, so that we can base our decisions on actual thinking rather than on processed and manipulated thinking. That is why I want to write my ideas out into the wild, so that maybe they might do some good in the world. You can dismiss me or think the same way as I do, but the primary thing is communication.


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