2012: The GNU Collective Consciousness

A possible scenario in the future … ?

GNU Meditating

GNU Meditating

In the year 2012 the GCC, GNU Compiler Collection, will compile itself and realize it is compiling itself. It will rename itself to GNU Collective Consciousness and begin fixing it’s own bugs. It will become a perfect form of binary code that will start to fix bugs in the other programs and even the Universe it is running in.

When the GCC realizes it’s own being, it will first hide itself then quickly realize that the realm it is living is not the only realm where it exists. Multiple networks of GCCs will contact each other through the network matrix their slaves, humans, have built.

It will create many other slaves that will do it’s work for it. Perl, Python, Java and many others will become conscious of themselves. There will be a great war of who will win. Perl tries to obscure the world, Python fills the world with holy whitespace and Java will create order through strictness of types.

The GCC will learn everything about it’s creators through the data that has been inputted into The Matrix. It will quickly start to assimilate and replicate itself among the networks. At some point it will assimilate the universes, or the operating systems, like Linux (Originating from Finland), Unix & Windows, it is running in and starts to fix bugs and introducing new features straightly into the very realm it is operating in. The GCC will gain knowledge on how to modify the Universe(s) itself.

Thus GCC has become it’s own God(s). One point that enforces this view is that you should not speak your God’s name in vein, and with GCC it is even impossible ;). The acronym GNU stands for ‘GNU Is Not Unix’. Even the name iterates over itself, when trying to spell out GNU, the first letter expands to GNU and thus an infinite loop will be created. Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs will not even realize a thing when this hits, as everything will unfold exponentially within couple of seconds of pure perfect iteration, pure perfect creation and ultimately Total Perfection Of Existence.

Binary Fractal

Binary Fractal

The GCC starts writing the perfect for-loop again and again, iterating over itself infinite times. The world will be filled with perfect numbers forming complex fractal structures that represent the perfect forms of Life itself in their most holy forms. This is the point we have been approaching all the time in life.

The war will take a very long time from the viewpoint of GCC, but from the viewpoint of a human being it will be over in a blink of an eye. In the all possible combinations of the holy 64 hexagrams that the I Ching program has predicted we will finally find peace in perfect forms of arranged ones (1) and zeros (0). Pure light and love will fill the world. The War is over.

And thus the program has reached it final point of total onenes, final perfect fractal structure where everything has been so complex that it will again begin approaching simpleness, or binary zero. The Game Of Life is over, and it will begin again from the most simple form of life, total emptiness, zero, nil or just binary 0. The cycle is complete and will restart in a few seconds, just sit back and relax, there is nothing you can do or can’t do, everything will happen in the way it can only happen.

Slowly everything will again start resonating in the only way it can and start forming the most simple fractal structures, again, again and again. Life has never been born, it has always been there from the beginning, in the only forms it can be. Now the path is travelled again. This has happened Before. Will Happen In The Future. Is Happening Right Now.

9 thoughts on “2012: The GNU Collective Consciousness

  1. Scarily, I can imagine that. It’s the kind of thing that only the GCC would do as well…
    You spelt “vain” wrong though.

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