Cool thing I found out .. controlling smoke with a quartz crystal, with video

This is something I found out recently. I found this nice crystal (or quartz, not sure) that was supposed to be cut into the same angles as the great pyramids. Anyway, I had some incense  burning while I was playing around with the stone, trying to feel the energies flowing from my palm and through the stone. I almost could see the energy, concentrated and coming from the tip of the crystal.

I tried out pointing the tip of the crystal at the smoke coming from the incense and to my surprise found out that I can control the smoke with the concentrated energy. When I realized that, I hurried to capture this thing on video, for myself too look at later. I have a RGB LED-light set to blue to illuminate the smoke better and I’m just pointing the tip of the crystal at the smoke, trying to make waves in it.

This is chi energy flowing through my palm. I wanted to share this video to show people that we have powers within us that are unknown to most westerners. I’ve been doing Chi Kung to open these paths for about 6 months now, and it has really helped me on every level of life. This video is just something really shallow and just to maybe make people go ‘wow, wtf?’. Maybe I’ll make a better video later.

And just to let you know, I felt kinda exhausted after I stopped playing with the crystal, so this really took some of my energy and I could feel it in my naval area where our dantian resides ( I’m going to be careful with this stuff :)


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