Turning point

Starting to manifest my/our/your vision, finally working with my own terms and only for the love of things. Excited to see what comes out of this :)

I’ve had this vision of a system for a long time. A system that I must now start building. I will tell more as things progress. I am throwing myself off the ledge here, leaving my current job and becoming an self sufficient enterpreneur. I have no idea how I’m going to tackle all the problems that lie in my way, but I am still more excited than for a while. I feel happy that I’m going to be able solve new different situations that will surely rise, like the issue of money and all other society related things. Maybe in Internet those laws don’t have such an issue. Maybe through the Internet I can do this openly, let’s see.

For at least the past three years I’ve been struggling with working for others, but for some reason I haven’t had the courage to do anything about it. I’ve always felt that I’m doing things, but I’m not doing things that matter. Now that I found myself in the same situation for maybe the fourth time, working steadily but still not being happy about it, I finally had the courage to say to myself ‘Get on with it! Do what you dream to do! Make your dreams reality!’, and gain enough confidence to kick my ass to say it out aloud, start making it a reality.

Today I am excited about moving towards. Seeing new things. Building new things. Becoming more what I really am, my own creator. I know that if I do something with all my heart in it, good things will come. The law of attraction really works :)


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