Wacom Tablet + Macbook Pro 15″, perfect fit

I’ve been trying to find intuitive and comforable user interfaces for computers for a while now, which let the user stay relaxed but focused on the task ahead, without letting the discomfort of the body come into the way of the mind. I’ve tried different chairs, different mouses, trackballs and keyboards trying to find the optimal solution that let’s to get in the zone without letting external discomfort get in the way of the flow. I’m still looking.

But this is something that feels natural for now, and is just kinda plain cool because the Wacom Intuos A4 M tablet fits so perfectly over the Macbook Pro 15.4″s keyboard.

Tablet over the keyboard

Tablet over the keyboard

One way of using

One way of using

Partially over

Partially over

Also, includes sneak peek what I’m working on right now, the fraktal forums project I’ve been pondering for over a year now. Currently I’m working on visualizing my vision so others can see it too. But I already have a lot of background information and processing done, as I’ve been pondering over this concept for at least two years now on some level, so it’s basically just a matter of putting it all together, which requires a lot of work :) But I’ll update more as I progress more.


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