HTML 5 Sacred Geometry Generator with Sample Images

I’ve been working on a Sacred Geometry / Mandala Generator for a while now. The core functionality is implemented with Processing.JS + HTML 5 Canvas, with user interface implemented as HTML elements. Here are some images I’ve generated so far with it (click for full resolution):

Here’s a screenshot from the current version:

Mandala Generator Screenshot

Mandala Generator Screenshot

These all have been created within a browser page. I still have to tweak the user interface a bit, add a couple of features and fix some bugs to release it online and let others play around with it :)


16 thoughts on “HTML 5 Sacred Geometry Generator with Sample Images

    • Thank you Barbara :)

      I will post here as soon as possible when the program is ready for public release, I am currently finishing up the server component which will allow
      everyone to save their creations and modify them also later. You can do this completely within your webbrowser, so no download or plugins are necessary.

      Glad to hear you are interested :)

  1. Wow..looks amazing. The best i’ve seen!
    Would it be okay if I used one of your images for my twitter background ( @AndreeCrist ) ?

    • Hey Michelle, you can run GeoKone in your browser (provided it’s a recent enough browser, new Chrome, Firefox or Safari should be good). Go to http://GeoKone.NET to try it out :)

      Maybe later I will make a standalone version for the iPad or Mac, let’s see.

  2. Hello, I am a designer and artist working on an indie band’s music video. I also write code but am a little bit slow on it. The band wants to use imagery (it’s pretty psychedelic) exactly like the ones possible on your app. Would it be possible to use the images generated by your app, and give you credit on the video? The video is not for commercial use. Thanks!

    • Yes, feel free to use any images generated with GeoKone or any images you find on my site or that I have done :) I believe that all creative work is essentially using something somebody else has done and making it better, or remixing it. If you want to, you can also use any images I have made, you can find these at or Hope to see the finished video! Let me know when you have something done. If you are giving credit, please use http://GeoKone.NET so people can find it themselves.Thanks! Glad to hear about this also!

    • Yeah 6 years is a long time to develop and take software forwards, and it comes with a full set of tutorial videos also.
      I understand 147 usd is a lot of money, but it’s really a professional tool and we are constantly developing it forwards.
      We do have an experimental price for 3 month subscription, let me know if you would like a link and I will send you one.

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