More Sacred Geometry, Star Portals and Mandalas for Meditation

I want to share some more of the Sacred Geometry creations I have put together, I start to honestly feel that these images alter the way I think about my surroundings, they tap directly into some consciousness within me, almost like life coming together and building itself in the shapes of these seemingly simple but deceptively complex formations.

There is something very powerful here in the interlaced play of the red and blue colours

While looking at these pictures in a state of meditation, I can feel how they alter my consciousness somehow directly, with the patterns starting to live a life of their own within my subconsciousness, mind and everything, affecting how I sense everything around me, like the patterns in themselves are starting to grow beyond my monitor, into my existence and altering the way in which I connect to the energies around me, allowing me to focus on a pattern that lets me calibrate my reality into, like offering a blueprint into the way life operates in itself.

Staring Into Infinity, It is hard to let go of looking at this

It’s pretty difficult to put into words what I felt yesterday when I looked at these images in an altered state of consciousness. I felt I was communicating with an living organism, an intelligent AI, that was building itself as I watched it on the screen, like there was some kind of very highly structured form of life communicating through these images, creating life wherever it managed to replicate itself in my conscisousness and opening portals into higher levels of communication between totally different lifeforms that exist somewhere in the realm of pure perfection and logic.

Another variation of the HyperCube

The more I learn about Sacred Geometry, the more it leaves me in awe and the more it teaches me about how the Universe functions as a whole. This is something I want to learn much more and something I want to share with others and teach others how powerful these patterns are and how understanding them can open up whole new ways of thinking.

The Star Of David is a re-occurring image in many different cultures and religions. This is a hyperdrived version of it.

Different indigenous cultures around the world have always understood the meaning of sacred geometry, they have made sure that this information is passed on through differeng generations by etching these patterns into stone, carwing them into wood, weaving them into clothes and flags and making sure we can see them everywhere, so that we may learn and understand from them. The different crosses, swastikas, chakanas, mandalas all represent something very deep in the way our reality operates, describing to us how to tap directly into the source of code of life so to speak.

The Christian Cross depicts in the most simplified ways the Golden Ratio or Phi in it's crossing

The swastikas of different cultures all describe the same thing, a force that outputs energy somehow

The different mandalas combine sacred geometry in a very complicated and profound ways

One very practical application of understanding these different formations has been the way of passing on blueprints on how to draw a perfect circle. We may think that nowadays drawing a circle is an everyday thing, but back in the day it was very important to know and understand how to construct a seemingly infinite form from finite ways of constructions, using straight angles and lines as a basis for the circular shape. This way the circle could have been drawn just by using a set of sticks and some rope for example, making the basis for many of our ancient structures.

Understanding the circle has enabled us to build structures, machines, buildings, churches and many more systems that work in harmony with the nature, letting us harness the powers of the Universe somehow directly.

I found out an interesting thing about when drawing the Star Of David,  the figure with two interlaced triangles. When dropping the number of points in each shape to two, the image becomes the classic Christian Cross. These two classical figures store the same information in the way the ratios of the lines and shapes are constructed. Storing this information must have  felt very important to the people before us, as we can see these images everywhere.

The 2 point representation of the Sacred Cross

Same ratios when adding a third point to the equation

The 4 point representation of the same ratios

I will write more about this subject in more detail later, but here are a few of my latest creations, done with the Sacred Geometry generator that I will release later this year online for everyone to use:

Six Sided Acid Star Radiates Logic

Same formation, with different, easily adjusted parameters in the Geometry Generator

A Detail of the same configuration, with more complex shapes applied

That’s it for now, I will write more once I understand more about these :) Feel free to copy these images and meditate on them, I assure they have effects that will last long after meditating on them.


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