Sacred Geometry Generator :: Private Beta Time!

NOTE: Public version of GeoKone has been released! Check out http://GeoKone.NET !

Finally, all the necessary stuff is implemented for the first public version of my Sacred Geometry Generator . It is a program that allows the user to create graphics based on the principles behind Sacred Geometry, The Universal laws of Creation.

What this means in practice is that you are able to create formations based on the circle and drawing lines between different points of that circle, creating new patterns emerging from the interference of those lines. Basically, that’s the simplified version of how it operates :)

These formations are stored in the program as parameter data, not actual pixel data. So everything is drawn programmatically based on a saved set of parameters. This makes it easy to expand in the future, add new options or even visualize the whole things differently, like in 3D.

The private beta is now open, if you are interested, please send me an e-mail to sakari AT psitriangle DOT net, or leave a comment here and I will tell you the details :)

Sacred Geometry Generator Screenshot

Sacred Geometry Generator Screenshot

One cool thing I’ve noticed in this program is, that it allows you to switch between “dimensions” when editing scenes. This allows you to look at the scene from a whole different view point, by first editing the scene with multiple shapes based on eg. two points, then increasing the number of points for all those shapes to three, adding a whole new dimension to the scene:

Scene with shapes having two points

Scene with shapes having two points

Same scene, shapes now have three points

Same scene, shapes now have three points

Here are couple of images generated from the same exact formations, just changed some of the parameters globally:

DNA Strands

This is the original formation I created

From the same formation as above, parameters changed

From the same formation as above, parameters changed

Another formation from the same configuration

Another formation from the same configuration

It’s fun to play with these formations and see what kind of patterns they create. Mind you, it’s still not easy to create good looking stuff, art is always something that needs balance and finesse to details from the creator, this tool just enables to focus on the big picture instead of the tiny lines.

Now I am  taking a little break from this thing, but I’ve already got plans for totally re-implementing the user interface of this program, the current version is more of an development/engineer version than actual production version intended for end users. It’s usable, but difficult.

I have some ideas about a fullscreen interface with this sort of compass tool for adjusting all the parameters in individual formations, allowing easy manipulation and visual feedback from every operation, also working on touch screen devices. But that’s for another version .. hopefully I will be releasing the public version for this generator soon, still some work to do on that part.


13 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry Generator :: Private Beta Time!

  1. Hello! I’m Nicolás from Argentina, and I’m currently studying graphic design, so I don’t need to tell you how much amazing this program seems to me. I love the philosophy of sacred geometry and the extremely beautiful images that one person can create with this program. Sorry if it’s difficult to understand the way I write (or if it is wrong written), it’s a rusty english because I don’t know about this langguage very much XD
    But please let me try the program! :D

    • Thanks Ram :) Yeah, why not, the possibilities with this are kinda limitless, it only comes down to developer time needed to implement these things :)
      Hopefully soon I will share this as an open source project (at least the client side) or at least make it possible for others to contribute code.

    • Brilliant idea,

      I work with sound and color and light and frequencies and would be happy to contribute info for that addition. Cymatics, Dinshah, Nogier, lasers, crystals, and more.

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