Get Concentrated! A Great Utility For Mac OS X to help completing projects

I am in favor of concentrating on a single task at one time, especially if trying to do something creative that requires a clean set of mind to work with. For this I have found a great program for helping me get rid of the mindconsumers that are social media and chat networks. Trying to do something and at the same time checking the irc, answering to IMs, checking the email, it just distracts from the creative process and let’s the mind wander.

Concentrate allows me to define ‘Activities‘ that specify which programs are shut down and started when I enter that activity:

Concentrate :: Activities

Concentrate :: Activities

I have specified in my ‘Drawing’ activity the following settings:

Concentrate :: Edit

Concentrate :: Editing Activity

This launches the (excellent) ArtRage Pro software that allows me to draw with my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet virtually, and stops all social media applications, including the webbrowser and messaging. During the whole activity time it even blocks starting those applications if you so want, which I have found a good feature, because old habits die hard.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to totally concentrate and bring back the feel of the old times when all you could do was run one program at a time and that was it :)


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