Fresh GeoKone Generated Sacred Geometry – Check out Facebook page for more images also!


I’ve heard rumours that having a Facebook page is a good thing. So, if you like GeoKone (I’m a bit early here, wait until 11.11.11 for the public beta, but if you like the idea) or the images you see here, please check out our Facebook page.

Press Like and I will post Sacred Geometry into your news feed, bringing good energies to you :)

Actually Here are a couple of samples of what kind of stuff has come out of my engine during the development:

Visual Illusion

Nice Visual Illusion happening here, brain puts together the missing lines between the spheres

Rolling Swastika

Rolling Swastika - Interesting finding, many similar symbols in one geometric shape, the David's Star, The Swastika, The Staring Eye Inside The Pyramid


The Sierpinski Pyramids - With Some Soul Included. Pure Computer Generated Images are usually boring, as there is no intelligent creator involved beyond the logics of the programming. With GeoKone, there is both. The Artist can express himself through technical accuracy, but with the touches only an living being can add.

Binary Code

This was an interesting discovery, I accidentally set the number of fixed child points to 1.5, and I discovered binary fractal patterns can be drawn with setting the number of points to 3 to form a triangle and then set child recursion, creating these triangle rows of lines .. hmm I wonder if one could program the IChing TriGrams with this system .. Adding it to the TODO list :D

Copying is Easy

It is now easy to copy all the selected polyforms, allowing more complex scenes to be created more easily.

Fractal Binary Tower, click for full size

Fractal Binary Tower, click for full size. This looks almost Chinese in some way. Those cloud looking things are Binary Fractals.

Copy Test 1

These are just a small sampling of the different styles that can be already achieved. I have some crazy stuff also made from these, but I will have to wait until 11.11.11 to maybe show some samples of it, as we are using this stuff in our TAWA ceremony also, and it is kinda sacred until shown to the public.

Oh yeah, I tried playing around more with those binary shapes, here is a couple of screenshots of the actual UI too as it is now:

Testing out the Binary Patterns

Building A Scenery - Just for fun :) The Fractal Line pattern is very interesting indeed. Compressed, the parameters needed for this scene take about 9 kilobytes, uncompressed about 150 kilobytes as the data is saved polyform by polyform, saving each parameter value for each.


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