A really good primer on Sacred Geometry – Unity Of Geometry

A very nice primer and in-depth visual explanation of what are the primary building blocks behind Sacred Geometry:

Unity of Geometry – Johnathan Quintin from Our Shift on Vimeo.

This video illustrates very visually how the most basic bulding blocks of Sacred Geometry (and at the same time the construct of our Universe) are built and what relations these different forms have with each other. For the first time I actually now understood where the term “square root” comes from, where as in school where I learned it first, I just knew what to do with it and where, but I did not really understand what it meant.

Same thing with Pi, but that is another story, the Pi one I realized a long time ago that the symbol for Pi illustrates the length of one wave, and the symbol visually represents exactly this:

Pi Symbol Meaning

Pi Symbol Meaning

At least for me this visual understanding of the symbol Pi helped me understand the context where it was used very much and I could apply the concepts around it easily to other places where the Pi and other sin,cos,tan etc functions are used.

Dunno, maybe everyone else understood at school the way we were taught, I at least didn’t, because all that is taught are the equations, names of symbols and all the external elements of what these things are and forgetting to focus on teaching what concepts they hold and how to apply them, naturally without having to remember long equations by memory.


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