First Public release of GeoKone, sacred geometry generator! Check out http://GeoKone.NET !

Whew, it has been hectic. All the coding, making visuals for TAWA, partying (Astral Projection, Astrix & Skazi yesterday, whew!) has really been awesome but at the same time very demanding.

But finally (or over a week now, released on 11.11.11) there is a public version of GeoKone in action at http://GeoKone.NET :) It is still a public BETA version, some features are still incomplete (I have only 10 fingers, at least for now) so please try it out and see what you think :) Any feedback is appreciated. I will try to make it easy to send feedback as soon as some of the more core features are in place that I have been planning.


Check out the Facebook Page for some cool new images generated with GeoKone! And Like the page if you like this kinda stuff, thanks! :) Go to http://GeoKone.NET, Sign Up for an account at the link on the top right of the screen and start generating some funky stuff!



11 thoughts on “First Public release of GeoKone, sacred geometry generator! Check out http://GeoKone.NET !

  1. This is awesome! Great work on this.

    I have a slightly unrelated question: you mentioned that you’ve been doing astral projection in this post. That has been on my mind lately. How do you ‘get out’?

    • Thanks man, it’s something that has just come out, I’m happy that it’s finally usable to some state, although there’s a lot of stuff to do if I want this to be the way I see it finished. I need more programmers, where are you? :)

      Hehe, I actually meant partying and the group called Astral Projection, they were playing here in Finland last saturday. Another World is one of my all time favorite albums, it really is something from another world, channeled waves from somewhere very different.

    • On the subject of astral projection or the process of moving my focus point from my physical body to one that is non-physical and can move at least seemingly freely in this Universe is something that I’ve known intuitively somehow for my whole life.

      When I started to awake consciously from this mass hypnosis we are in about three years ago, I also started to use this skill more knowingly. Still, I do not know if there are some steps required that I just don’t know because it comes automatically when needed.

      That explained, here is one way to do it for me:

      – Sit down in position where my back is straight
      – Breathe in and out at least three times deeply, to calm down and relax
      – If I am sitting on chair, make sure my legs are not crossed and that the bottom of my feet are touching the floor, hands on my knees.

      – Rooting: breathe in and out deep, imagine roots growing from the bottom of my feet in the rhythm of the breathing, reaching as deep as I can visualize, all the way to the core of the Earth. When the roots are in place, open up my crown chakra, breathe in and out pure white light to the heavens. Now I am between Heaven and Earth, flowing in the stream of Life from the top of the head to the bottom of my feet, in balance.

      – Now I can usually just focus on leaving my physical body and travelling semiautomatically with my focus point to wherever.

      What I experience during this is this lightheaded feeling of not really being in my body, and sometimes I can even see eyes closed vaguely what is happening, but most of the time the experience is more about feeling and sensing, letting go, not getting stuck in any visuals or thoughts.

      The rooting part is very important, as without it some part of us can be automatically left to some higher level of existence, floating out somewhere there in space. I used to practice and do this stuff more when it was all new for me, the last year I haven’t really done so much actively, now and then.

      Letting go of the mind is the hardest part, as the mind likes to rationalize and explain things that cannot be explained, which can result in total blocking of the experience and never getting anywhere. Here is where a group setting really helps, as an experienced teacher can tell you to move on, let go of the mind, what you are experiencing is real.

      I feel that doing this alone is kinda pointless for me now, so I do not really use this technique often, as there is enough handling with the physical reality already and it’s challenges. In a group setting this can be used to heal people, fetch information or to contact some non-physical entities, and that’s where usually it just happens for me automatically if needed.

      There are many plants and compounds found in nature that can help us achieve astral projection too, but care should be taken. The use of these is of course demonized in the western culture.

      Thank you for the question! Hard to explain this stuff shortly :) Do you have any similar experiences maybe ?

      • Wow, thank you for this explanation. I want to be able to get to a point where astral projection is relatively easy–a waking OBE as they call it–and it seems that your technique is a good way to work toward that. I actually just had a short OBE last night that I wrote about on my blog.

        I think what triggered it was a realization of how to shift my attention from the physical to the non-physical, and the way I did it was to discern the images I was seeing in my physical eyes (colors from nerve firings, the ‘blackness’ of having my eyes closed) from the quickly changing fragments in my minds eye (geometric shapes and patterns, etc.)

        I also think that playing with some fractal geometries on your GeoKone app may have actually helped me in some subconscious way. I can’t give you a logical explanation for that, I just feel like it helped.

        Speaking of plants, I’m starting to save so that I can visit the Peruvian rainforest. I hope visit some time next spring or summer to learn from the ayahuasca plants with the shamans there.

  2. Congrats on your OBE :) Those geometrical patterns you are talking about, the ones that can sometimes clearly seen right before falling asleep or waking up, are actually the main inspiration and mystery that lead to the creation of GeoKone eventually.

    At one point in my life I started seeing these formations more and more clearly and it really puzzled me what the heck these things are and thus lit up the interest in studying these things. I have sometimes seen almost like computer generated polygon graphic like tunnels that I travel through, like there is this path between the waking and sleeping state that can be somehow expressed in geometry.

    Glad to hear that GeoKone might have helped with these things, as I have noticed the same thing :) I’ve had some very crazy and ultratechnical dreams after playing whole night with GeoKone and then going to sleep. Maybe I will write about these experiences more later, as it is getting more and more obvious that playing with these geometrical formations really affects our thinking and our state of being, many people have reported the same thing.

    Funny that you mentioned Peru, I have plans to travel there next January :) I have no plans for Ayahuasca yet, but it is definitly something that interests me also.

  3. Is there a glitch in applying a password to your account for I have tried and tried but am continually being rejected. I have been drawing and inking symbols and some forms of sacred geometry. This would allow me to try more complicated pictures. This is awesome! RA

    • Hey Rhea, yes there might be a bug in my code. I will check into it later today if possible, been busy with my new job.
      Have you tried registering with a new username/password ? Still no luck ?
      Thanks for letting me know and hopefully you enjoy GeoKone :)

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