GeoKone 0.96.05 Beta Released ! Much Snappier !

New Version of http://GeoKone.NET is Live!

GeoKone is now Much Snappier! Optimized the code so that after idle time the screen is no longer updated constantly, only when the parameters of the polyforms change. This makes the UI much snappier to use and makes GeoKone much more responsive, and uses far less CPU, resulting in the browser not getting all unresponsive during usage.

EDIT: Ok, update.. I tested this on my other machine (Mac Mini 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM) and it ran GeoKone slow like molasses with Chrome. With Safari it was usable, but not nearly as fast as on my main laptop. Oh how fun it is to program the HTML5 canvas! :I Back to the drawing board .. I will anyway have to figure out the core version of what will be GeoKone.NET 1.0, skim down everything else, make these features working and then focus on the desktop C++/OpenGL version, I feel I’ve had it with this web programming and all it’s little gimmicks that it requires to get it working smoothly.

Made With GeoKone

Made With GeoKone

Thumbnail feature was removed for this release, as I’m trying to figure out what are the most essential features for the web version to have, and the thumbnail was eating down performance. Maybe I will enable it back in the WebGL version.

Otherwise, work continues on the OpenGL/C++ version of libgeokone, a library for rendering GeoKone scenes with native performance and OpenGL for smooth animation and display of GeoKone scenes. When the libgeokone part is finished I will integrate the OpenGL drawing code into WebGL version, bringing _much_ faster drawing and hopefully even animation of the GeoKone Scenes.

Also thinking about moving the GeoKone hosted on Amazon so I could finally enable the server functionality again, but that will have to wait until next version.

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