How We Are Being Programmed :: Seeing Through Methods of Brainwashing

Now for something different, recently I have been mostly writing about Sacred Geometry & GeoKone, but I have always lots of writing underway that is just waiting to be finished.

In this writing, I will dwelve into the subject of Human Programming, something that is happening all around us. Especially in the western culture, that is dominated by the idea that Some People Know the Truth, and You Don’t.

Disturbingly, we don’t even to seem to notice this happening, as this hobby of some Very Enthusiastic People has been going on so long that it is difficult to separate what is really our Own Programming and what is External Programming. This is why I want to write about this subject, as recognizing what Comes From Within You, and What Comes Outside Of You is very important in finding Your True Self.

I will look at the subject from a Computer Programming viewpoint, as I am a computer programmer myself, so it is natural for me to express these ideas through metaphors that relate to programming and computers. I don’t take the subject too seriously though, as I believe nothing should be taken too seriously.

How We Are Being Programmed

Human Programming Is Easy!

Human Programming Is Easy!

Human Programming! This now popular hobby has been growing during the last 2000 years or so exponentially. Everyday we are being told what to eat, what to wear, what to buy and how to think. And how to believe in forming our World Views. Human programming is not really that complicated when we get to the core of it.

Most of it it is based on repetition and affecting to our most basic needs. For example our fear and the basic instinct to survive is being constantly bombarded by messages of assurance through purchasing some product or telling us that We Are Not Enough, You Need This to be Fully Human. Another strong way to get our attention is through sexual messages, as this pulls in the strong animal in us and leads us to easy prey for those who know how to affect our minds when we are not paying attention.

In order to detect when this is happening and how we can protect our selves from it, we will have to first understand How and When this programming is going on.

In this writing, we will inspect the Simplified Model of Human Computers: The Threefold Connection of The Mind, The Body and The Spirit . Understanding the relationship between these three parts is vital in understanding how humans are manipulated everywhere.

Humans can be thought as a combination of three independent operating parts: Body, Mind & Spirit:

TriFold Connection Of Spirit, Mind & Body

TriFold Connection Of Spirit, Mind & Body

This is an Extremely Simplified Model. These three parts describe the Main Operating Parts of The Human.

Every one of these three parts  can operate independently. The Mind can be active without connection to the body, The Body can react to it’s environment automatically and The Spirit can be totally disconnected both from the human body and mind and still function completely. This is important to know, as separation of these parts is one of the key aspects of programming humans. When we are not complete, when we feel some part of us is not enough, when we are broken, then we can be programmed more easily.

When programming Humans, new codes have to be inputted to the system through various techniques that Require Careful Manipulation of all Three in Co-Ordination. These can be thought as kinds of buffer overflow techniques, depending on the information that we want to feed.

Most Programming Techniques Happen on a Mind & Body Level! The Spirit requires more high level work to be programmed. We will concentrate on the Mind & Body level work, as these techniques work on the majority of Humans.

Now, Let’s start  looking at basic models for these three parts:

The Body

Human & Female Bodies

Fleshbags of Water

The Body can be simplified as a Highly Developed Artificial Intelligence that Responds to Stimulae from the External World around it. The body acts as a antennae for the human, transferring information from the world around it to the Central Processing Unit, The Brain.

The Body reacts to its environment through the Nervous System in interaction with The Mind. The Mind/Body System Models its own Internal Version of the Environment around it every iteration of time units, receiving Input from the different Sensory Systems, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and so on and then Creates Simplified, Symbolic Models that represent different things from these sensory inputs.

How is this relevant for programming purposes  ?  These Internal Models Can Be Re-Programmed! Let’s look more into detail how the Body builds these models:

Raw Energies

Streams of Raw Energies

Imagine everything that happens around you. All the things you are sensing. Where do these perceptions come from? From scanning the Raw Energies from your environment.

The Body is always Re-Acting to it’s Environment. Like bats sending out Sonic Waves and reflecting them back, the body does the same thing through all it’s sensory input/output systems.

A Bat Scan

A Bat Scan

The Body is scanning the different frequencies of energies vibrating around it all the time, and then re-creating that environment through Conceptualized Models of Meaning (eg. “this energy represents a table”) and storing these models into the Mind Construct.

Human Energy Fields

Human Energy Fields

Every moment, every second, every millisecond, The body is reflecting the energies around it’s perimeter and Building Complex Symbolic Versions of the different wave combinations received.

These Models are created to make a sense of the environment, to symbolize raw energies into Meaningful Pieces of Operation Codes that can be processed more efficiently. If this process wouldn’t happen, we would be overwhelmed by the information received and would not able to operate at all in our highly complex environments. The information needs to be conceptualized and simplified in order to process effectively and to operate as physical human beings.

This process can be thought as kind of Connect The Dots from the information around us. When we first come here, these conceptualized symbols are empty. We have not yet connected any dots, and are open to any programming that comes from outside.

Empty Slate For Programming

Empty (Not Really) Slate For Programming

When the Mind Construct is empty, the Human has no way of understanding it’s environment. When human babies are born, they start building this Mind Construct through interaction with the environment. They scan it constantly, try out different things, taste, smell, hear, yell and see what happens.

At This Age, Humans Already have Very Complex Mind Constructs (but very easily programmed still!)

At This Age, Humans Already have Very Complex Mind Constructs (but very easily programmed)

Through this recursive interaction, slowly, the Mind Construct starts to form. This is why babies are more easily programmed than grown adults. Adults already have sturdy Mind Constructs within their Brain, and have a lot of old programming in the way of inputting new data to their system.

The Body/Mind Creates a Meaningful Symbolic Model Of The Energies

This Is A Table! The Body/Mind Creates a Meaningful Symbolic Model Of The Energies

We will go deeper into this later, for now it is enough to understand that everything the body experiences, results from scanning the environment from the moment we are born, and Through this Constant Learning Process, Re-Defining and Re-Iterating over These Models, Creating and refining the Internal World View.

What this in practicality means, is: All that Humans Experience, Can Be Modified, if we can affect what kind of data is inputted into the body/mind in the construction phase!

How Difficult this Modifying is, Depends Largely on the Amount of Data the Human Can Process at any Given Point. Humans operating on more Higher Frequencies can see through simple programming methods, and require more complex buffer overflow methods. This we can call as the Base Operating Frequency of any single human.

Base Operating Frequency

The Operating Frequency which the Human Body is operating, defines How Much Information the Human can handle given every sampling point, or moment in time. If the body is operating on a High Frequency, it will process more information at once from it’s environment, creating more Complex Models and seeing more complex structures happening around it’s environment.

Higher Frequency Means More Processing In The Same Time Period

Bodies running with Lower Frequencies Construct a Simpler Model, as they possess less processing power per sampling point. This Results in Very Different World Views between different Human Models. The lower the frequency, the easier it is to feed programming into the human!

Fear, Sexuality & Territory Control are all Low Frequency operating modes. When these modes are being enforced all around us, our Operating Frequency is lowered to match these modes. The worry about how to survive, who to breed with, and who owns this and that draws us to operate on these basic instinct modes. And even though we think we are living in a high civilization, you don’t need to look too far to see these operation modes enforced everywhere. Go out in the city and see how humans are operating. This is key to controlling us, keep those frequencies low!

When the human is operating at a low frequency, certain higher parts of our psyche and spiritual abilities are not activated. Then we cannot see the whole picture, we only see the lowered view of things, from a low viewpoint. This view point puts individual survival on top of all other things and thus keeps us actually very limited in how we can form our world view. We will always put individual needs on top of the community needs if being kept in this passive mode. This is also key to keeping us Not Seeing That We Are Being Programmed!

By Raising The Human Operating Frequencies, we are more Free To Conceptualize our World Views into more Coherent and Larger Models. But if you are into human programming business, it is indeed not something you want, for people to become aware!

This is something we will go into more detail later, but let’s just say there are certain tricks to keep the Human Frequency low enough to feed it programming data more easier. Now, let’s take a look at

The Mind

Brains Input Output System (BIOS)

Brains Input Output System (BIOS)

The Brain stores the construct known as the Human Mind. Notice the word construct, as the Mind is ultimately a big network of connections programmed from the birth of the human, and is only limited by it’s own programming.

The Human Mind is designed to Protect The Body,  the Vessel Humans use to travel the 3D/4D Physical/Time Dimensions. The Mind AI is controlled by the Spirit or Higher Self, and also handles as a I/O center for the Body.

Self Configuring Network Of Independent Cells

Self Configuring Network Of Independent Cells

The Mind is a Self Configuring Artificial Intelligence, that can inspect itself and make self-corrections in it’s Operation Code. But it also relies heavily on input and stimulae coming from external sources, and does most of the I/O processing for the Human Body, gathering input, processing it and sending output to the Body.

The Mind Processes Information. It’s main task is to keep the Human Body alive, by re-acting to the environment automatically through the nervous system.

This AI is Very Highly Developed, but it relies on certain basic principles of operation that Once Detected, Can Be Manipulated, especially if the human is running on a low enough frequency or has the connection to the Spirit cut off sufficiently. This is why it will always prioritize certain aspects of our programming, like survival and basic needs, if not being consciously re-programmed by the user.

The Human Mind is a self-preserving formation, and once programmed, requires Removing of the Old Programming to replace with new. This is why it is best to start programming the Human at a very young age, as there is less old programming in the way!

Easiest way to Program Humans is through the Mind Connection, as most Human Models will Automatically Rely on Input fed through the Body. When the Mind is controlling the human, it is very keen to act on all thoughts that come through the I/O system of the body.

Effective ways are Instructions in forms of Written Text, Audio, Pictures and especially The Combination of These, in form of Movies.

Mass Spam Of External Information Gives Effective Results!

Mass Spam Of External Information Gives Effective Results!

Moving Pictures, or Movies & Television Programs, are the most common way of programming big masses of Humans currently. This is something that has become very popular during the last 100 years or so.

We will go deeper into this subject later, but let’s just say for now that through distracting the Mind with moving pictures and sounds,  through bypassing the defense mechanisms of the Right Side Of The Brain, the Rational Side of the Human Brain can be programmed sub-consciously through carefully constructed scenes of images and sounds.

This involves in putting the brain in a Dream Like state, where the natural defense systems are fooled to believe anything that is fed into the subconscious mind.

This way, it is easy to pass instructions in there, like “Trust In God“, “You Will GoTo Hell If You Do Not Obey”, “Buy This Product“, and so on! Effective methods are to be Direct and Add as much as Fear as possible! Fear is a very low frequency energy, and will limit the operating frequency of the receiver.

Fear can be embedded by using low frequency sounds (hear those “brrrrruuuuuuumm” sounds in modern movie trailers that seem to be everywhere?), or by showing scenes of destruction and doom, or by simply telling us that we are not enough, our sunglasses are not cool enough. This will trigger the fear of uncertainty in us and open the ports to tell us how to rationally get out of this situation.

But like I said, this is a topic for another writing completely, now let’s look at the final simplified part of the humans:

The Spirit

The Spirit can be thought as a controller for the Body & Mind, as it is connected to both. But the Spirit is far more complex than just this connection to the physical representation that interacts with the 3D -world. The Spirit is the Most Complex of these three and Most Complex to Manipulate.

The Spirit can be thought as the Player who Controls the Human Body. The Mind/Body construction Reflects what the Spirit Represents for any certain human.

Spirit Is A Gamer

Spirit Is A Gamer

The True Connection to the Higher Aspect of Human Beings. The Aspect that is Instructing the Human through the connection to it’s Body/Mind Controller.

.. And Human Is The Game It Plays

.. And Human Is The Game It Plays

The term Player is to simplify things again, as in reality the Spirit is a Very Complex and great being that is hard to describe (if it is even possible) with these simple words. If the Spirit is Strong within a Human, Programming Becomes Increasingly Difficult.

This is why Spirituality is being downplayed in our society so much. Weak Spirited Models are MUCH easier to program.

Cross Promoting External Instructions Since Year 0!

Cross Promoting External Instructions Since Year 0!

The Spirit can be weakened too, but this requires very much groundwork, but fortunately here at Planet Earth, certain ground breaking organizations like The Church (or any religion based on great programming book of Bible, Koran or any else Human Made Set Of Instructions) Have Worked Hard to make the Spirits of Humans Disconnected from their True Sources. Now let me say, some religions actually work on unifying human beings, but most are just there in For the Control and Telling us that we need middlemen to talk to God.

“Aah Hahahahaa Haa!! .. Oops, wrong meeting ..”

“Aah Hahahahaa Haa!! .. Oops, wrong meeting ..”

Great Programmers Stand on Shoulders of Giants! It’s easier to control those who are already under control of Illusionary Gods and Visions of Impending Doom created for them from the moment they have been born.

The Spirit is the most hardest part to program of a human, because it requires more work to detect or manipulate it’s ways.  There are certain Universal Laws that are in place that affect the behaviour  of the Spirit, and these can be used to Hack the Spirit, but these always require consent from the Spirit and thus it must be tricked into the programming if we want to really manipulate any Human on longer term basis.

One simple example of luring the Spirit is to ask for it’s permission in a very confusing way that the rational mind does not understand. By overloading the rational thinking with overly long contracts and then requiring the Human to place it’s energies into the contract, the Spirit’s energy can be trapped into a paper document for example. This way, the both parties have agreed on to this deal, and if the Spirit breaks the contract, it is actually breaking Universal Laws Of Creation, on which we will also go into more detail later.

One other good example of tricking the Spirits comes in the form of the old Vampire tales, where it is repeated that one must Invite the Vampire in, otherwise they cannot enter the house. This is a representation of the Universal Laws of Creation again. This area is very deep indeed, and it is better to stick the basic body/mind techniques in combination with simple Spirit Programming for effective results!


Now that we have the basic concepts understood, we can continue later on and go into much more detail on how the actual programming can happen.In the next parts I hope to look more at how our frequencies are actually limited through food & medical supplies, how subliminal messages work and at some point how we can protect ourselves from this programming.

Peace out,

46 thoughts on “How We Are Being Programmed :: Seeing Through Methods of Brainwashing

    • Thanks for comment. It is an interesting subject, and pretty difficult one to write about. I will go deeper with this subject in upcoming writings, showing more clear examples of how this programming happens.

      • Excellent

        It tickles me everytime I see a young teenager wearing the brand name ” Obey”

        Its just so sad how easily sway the young humans are.

      • Thank you for the comment Angelee.
        Yeah. It really is. And not just the young, because the problem is not the young, but the adults, who don’t care or don’t understand either how this works.

        If the adults knew, then the children would know also. Hopefully people are becoming more aware of how we are trying to be played and constrained all the time within a certain world view only.

        Glad to hear from somebody who resonates with the message :)

      • Okay, you or someone started reprogrsming my mind and Im pregnantand have for the most part part meet your information. Im an irrate angel!!!

  1. The church itself is an entity that will try to bring you down; however the real designer and creator himself, God, is not one to deny the existence of. Good read.

    • Exactly. Glad you see it too Ike! Thanks for the comment :)
      The church makes us think we need somebody else to talk to the Creator, when all of us can do it by ourselves if we just look within.

      • I have always said that, If you cannot speak to GOD yourself then how can someone else speak for you.

      • Heh Terrence, good timing there, I was just thinking about should I focus on more talking openly about the spiritual experiences and so on I’ve been having.

        Was also inspired today earlier by a documentary by Terence McKenna, and was just mentioning that to a friend when you left this comment, feeling like a reinforcement to talk more to god :)

        So thanks for the comment and this message, and I agree :)

  2. Pingback: Please Inform .Me

    • It’s not all brainwashing :)

      There is good music out there, lots, most of it.

      But what we call pop music for example, most of is designed with certain messages within it, for example to sell young kids ideas about how they should behave, or even directly recruiting people to worship certain forces.

      Unfortunately such music gets so much visibility because these factors that own the record companies, also own the media companies, so they can push this music to people through radio, TV, internet, advertisements, movies, everywhere.

      We have so much great music out there that is never heard, and yet these same names get radio time all the time, and these same kind of artists and music types, with certain messages are repeated over and over and over.

      Anyway, yeah, Pink Floyd is awesome :)

  3. It’s insane that raising my child in this world is my biggest fear… what she eats, what she learns, what she does is all influencing her growth and I can’t protect her from all of it I can only try to weave her thru life so that she can learn to appreciate its beauty and stay away from the ugly reality we are faced with… life is beautiful but the government makes it tremendously difficult to enjoy it :( sometimes I just want to live in the woods and raise my own crops and animals and teach her myself but the programming is so deep that it seems impossible, after all sheltering the child is also bad… another one of their tricks… even tho the spirit is strong it’s hard to break the chains laid on me from all directions thru out my entire life. Please continue what you are doing, your work is great! I would like to read more do you have a site?

    • Yes, I have a child too, it can be taunting to think of all the things that he might face in this world.
      All we can do is show by example. The programming is slowly coming apart, and also children have a huge role in this. It’s good to remember always that our souls, our higher selves, the true essence of what we are, is indestructable, pure, always coming from the same source, the same love. It is only this human body of ours, this experience that can be painful, but that is only transient, it shall pass.

      I feel you. You are already on the path as you see the chains society is trying control our freedom. But I believe this too has a reason, to push us even forwards in awakening, in realizing our own self. Not easy, not enjoyable, but something that will reward ourselves and our souls in the end.

      Thank you for your encouragement. I have been doubting my writing skills lately, but I am ready to continue again, even more brave and honest, to myself and others. I have many writings awaiting some kind of completion, I think I will continue working on them now, thanks for reminding Karina ! :)

  4. I really appreciate what you have been doing here, this has taught me a lot. Everything suddenly makes sense; Money, Religion, Entertainment, Politics,even the false ideas we have about relationships. I’m really excited that there are people out there that see things the way I do, I’m a 20 year old Nigerian and religion here is a pretty big deal. My parents won’t speak to me anymore, I was almost mugged once for speaking out I no longer have a life here. Now you see how amazing it feels to know that I’m not alone. Thank you so so much!

    • Wow man. Thank you for sharing. This inspired me to write again, happy to hear this writing could reveal such insight.

      They wont speak to you because you dont practice religion ? Greetings to Nigeria from Finland :)

      • Please be specific and call out the religion you are referring to. I am Christian but not Catholic (aka, “the church” ). Although I consider myself a Christian, Catholicism is evil in my eyes. Many “true Christians” feel the same! Jesus taught us to become one with God’s spirit and to keep him close in our hearts. Jesus also taught us we don’t need a “middle man” or a “priest” for that task. None of the practices that the Catholics practice are in “the bible”. Catholics don’t actually read the bible and their priests don’t encourage them to do so. Catholics are like sheep being led by wolves. You must realize that most Catholics are far left leaning. Whereas true Christians (mostly from the bible belt) speak for themselves when speaking to God are right leaning.(There are far less Catholics in the bible belt)…..just something to think about!

        I enjoyed this article extremely and all the strange happenings makes more sense to me know. I knew there was something strange happening in this world. Now my faith is stronger than ever.
        S.R. Case

      • Hey Susan. Thank you for the message. By separating catholics, christians, we are already going away from the truth.

        If god is everywhere, in everyone, how can one group of people be of-not-god and another group be of-god, when God is perfect and made us humans in the image of himself.

        Now, it might be that one group of devotees have touched the truth in a more direct way, and other group has been lead astray from the original truth.

        But by ourselves thinking, “They are evil” we are pointing the finger at ourselves, as we are those people too, ultimately. As God says, become one. Separation is not becoming one.

        But to be truthful, I don’t know enough about different religions to tell you which is closest or which is the most effective, if you find truth in Christianity, then take that path, but remember others are walking other paths into the truth also.

        I belive in Jesus. I believe in the Buddha. I believe in Krishna. They all resonate of truth.

        In this article I am referring to mostly man-made, organized religion. It was written with tongue in cheek. But I will try to be more accurate in the future :)

        Thanks for the feedback.

      • I’m so sorry for staying that “they”, as in the “people or followers” of the Catholic church are evil. It’s the Leaders of that church that knowingly and willingly persuade people that only Priests are worthy of speaking to God. The leaders of that church teach people the complete opposite of what the bible teaches. For Example Mathew 6: 5-7. There’s too many more examples to mention.

        Did you know that some Hindu say Jesus was Khrishna?(a.k.a. Christ)

      • That is true. I belive Jesus represents the same energy as Krishna, and feel it’s no coincident that Christ and Krishna are similar words.

    • Check out nature boy tv on you tube good insite might help you. Read your comment on how people is programmed blog.

  5. this is great, very good write up thank you for liberating minds body, and spirit, for the truth truly sets men free from Religion and, manipulations in politics, sexuality and movies plus whatever the Mind Controllers tries to throw at us we know better now to filter it with truth

  6. Hi there! This is Mai from Quezon City. This might sound strange, but I really want to know if there is REALLY a computer program/software that can decipher someone’s thoughts, control somebody’s mind, and manipulate someone’s actions? I have a suspicion that someone is using this thing! She is a woman from Bicol (She is originally from Nabua, Cam. Sur and is now residing in Naga City). Please let me know… I need your HELP! You can reach me at 0917 4627 266. Thank you!!!!!

    • Hey Myla. I wouldn’t worry about it. At least for normal people the technology we are using doesn’t support such things, there is no way with normal hardware available to people at least to do such things. Why do you think she has such a program?

  7. I know this sounds SURREAL, but I do think there’s a computer program that can be used to people. I have evidence to prove it.

  8. Myla Rivera is my real name and the culprit using it is named Dely Bachiller-Ballester. She is currently residing in Naga City, Camarines Sur (Philippines). This is NOT a joke. Thinking about her and the things she did to me makes my blood BOIL

  9. Myla Rivera is my real name and the culprit using it is named Dely Bachiller-Ballester. She is currently residing in Naga City, Camarines Sur (Philippines). This is NOT a joke. Thinking about her and the things she did to me make my blood BOIL

  10. She has been using it since 2004… BELIEVE ME. I know the legal implications that may arise because of this, but I’m ready to face the consequences. This issue that I have with that woman named Dely has been going on for almost 14 years now…I REALLY NEED HELP!

  11. I have experienced numerous COINCIDENCES FOR 14 years (occurring almost every day). It’s like clairvoyance/ESP/sixth sense. For example I’m thinking of something, then she will manipulate someone to do it or say it. It’s really WEIRD… I need help from you and other people who visit this website

  12. hey i just want to thank you for writing this blog, i am a 16 year old girl and im learning so much about this world. i AM the new generation and the world needs more people like us. when i read things like this it motivates me alot , because i know that im not the only one thinking like this. i hope you will write more because you are very good at this and i can easy understand the things you are saying. i hope you will contact me and let me know if there is more from you that i can read. THANKS ALOT THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS !

    • Hey Daaliyah. Thanks a lot for the comment. Haven’t written anything new for a while, been so busy developing our software Happy to hear that you got something out of this writing. It’s not easy to express something like this, from the heart, trying to stay positive and constructive at the same time. Thank you for the encouragement to continue. I was just thinking about today of moving into the woods, in my fantasy, and just focusing on meditating and writing and channeling information. Let’s see, maybe I will continue this now.

      Yes, you are the future and the new generation. I hope you can stay truthful and YOU without compromising to the world. I started part 2 of this writing long ago, maybe I will finish it this year finally. I am glad to hear there are people who are thinking also, I have noticed I have become silent more because I have felt that maybe nobody understands what I’m trying to express here.

      Feel free to contact me and ask anything at sakari AT psitriangle DOT net. :)

  13. I have one question, I suppose. Where do atheists and agnostics fit into all of this? Are they brainwashed as well, despite their rejection of religious institutions?

    • Hey Marilyn. According to my knowledge atheists are denying the existence of god, so they are denying god in their life. God cannot appear to those who deny God’s existence, God only appears to those who are devotees to the highest form that is God and who has many names in different religions.

      I feel atheists may be thinking that there is nothing but material existence, which is false. So in a way, they are approving a cultural model that is not based on the actual Truth, but our thoughts about the Truth.

      Human thoughts are always imperfect, always easily fooled, illusioned. God is perfect, so we cannot think that we could understand a perfect form of life, as we are imperfect by design. By thinking alone we cannot find the truth, as thinking is already part of our incomplete human view of life.

      And yet, god is made in our image, so god is in everyone, with everybody. But only those who accept god can see the truth.

      This is my view on atheists, but related ot the previous writing, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not, we all must still abide to the same rules of creation on this plane, and these things apply to both believers and non-believers.

      Did this answer your question ?

  14. Great article!
    Have you written anything further on those topics? I would like to read everything you have.
    Thank you. :)

    • Thank you Aline! I am glad it resonated with you. I have started part 2, but I have had not yet the time to get back into writing, I have mostly focused on developing our sacred geometry software,

      But I have a feeling, maybe next year I will get back to writing. So thanks for the encouragement!

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