GeoKone 0.97.05 Out – New Line Join Mode Parameter

Hey All, just released a minor update of GeoKone.NET. This release adds support for the Line Join parameter, allowing you to create rounded, beveled or square line joins:

Rounded David Star With Shadows

Rounded Line Join David Star With Shadows

Here we can see what effect the rounded mode has, the line joins are rounded to create a more smooth look. This is actually just direct support for the Processing.js strokeJoin parameter, you can see here how the different modes affect line drawing. The shadow in the scene is created by copying all the formations, setting their color and stroke to black, offsetting the y by a nice amount and then adjusting the opacity to a smaller value, creating a shadow like effect behind the actual formation.

Also, Calculation of Stroke Weights Has Been Fixed in this release. Unfortunately, there was a bug in all version from up to 0.96 how the Stroke Weight values based on the Stroke Weight Ratio was calculated, I had typed a + instead of a * in the formula that counts what the stroke weight should be in relation to the line weight, and with the previous versions the stroke weight was just being added to the line weight, which is not what I originally intended. Now the strokeWeight is actually directly in relation to the lineweight, eg. if we have a lineWeight of 1.0, and stroke ratio of 2.0, the strokeWeight will be twice as thick as the lineWeight.

Another Variation With Rounded Lines - The Shadows Add Nice Depth Also! :)

Another Variation With Rounded Lines – The Shadows Add Nice Depth Also! :)

So this formula has now been fixed, But Unfortunately All Previous Scenes That Are Not Saved In The GeoKone Server, that use the Stroke value will show incorrect, and you will have to fix the stroke weights manually. I have fixed the values for those scenes that were saved to the GeoKone.NET server, so no worries about those.

Also, the Scene Server was down for a while, while I was looking for a new place to host the server, wasn’t really a good option to run the server at home. But now it has found a new home, and I hope to actually keep it running there so I can implement the social features I have been planning for GeoKone.NET.

Translucent Life - More Subtle Effect with Strokes, Round Lines and Opacity

Translucent Life – More Subtle Effect with Strokes, Round Lines and Opacity

Ok, now have fun with GeoKone.NET and Create Some Geometry! :)


2 thoughts on “GeoKone 0.97.05 Out – New Line Join Mode Parameter

  1. Wowwwwww. Amazing working bro. Cheers from Brazil. I’m a software engineer learning Processing.js to create exactly what you are doing. Sacred Geometry with some Flower of Life patterns. Have u ever heard about forums and videos? Are u going to publish your source code? Let’s keep in contact. S2

    • Thanks bro :D All the way from Brazil .. Stormy there ?
      Yes, I’ve watched all the 13 Spirit Science episodes or so, great stuff!
      Let me know when you got something working, I definitely want to see it :)
      GeoKone.NET is Open Source, check out the the GitHub page for the sources:
      It’s a bit complicated of course, had to make some compromises in terms of performance and code logic :P
      But yeah, I started prototyping Geometry stuff with Processing.js in the beginning of 2011, and GeoKone was born :)
      Hope you get exciting results!

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