GeoKone.NET 0.97.07 Beta Out :: Set Exported Image Size Freely!

I’ve just released another update for http://GeoKone.NET (oh yeah, I also updated the lander page a while ago!). The big new feature with this version is that you can now freely specify the size of the images you are saving :)

Cymatic Waves (click for full res 8000x6400)

Cymatic Waves (click for full res 8000×6400)

This means you can finally export those print or design quality images straight from GeoKone, like 4000×3000 or 8000×6000 pixels. I tested up to 20 0000 x 16 0000. The larger the file, the longer it takes to generate the picture.

This also means that you have a high probability of crashing your browser while doing it, if you are using something else than recent versions of Firefox. Firefox still seems to be the only browser to handle really big  images without crashing.

Chrome seems to work up to 8000×6000 or something, depending on the complexity of the scene.

Safari is the worse, it will crash very easily even with 4000×3000 images.

This has to do with the way images are currently exported as URL encoded PNG images, most browsers just can’t seem to handle so long URLs that these big images generate. So, to stay safe, use Firefox when you want to export images.

As always, see full ChangeLog here


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