GeoKone.NET 0.98.13 Released :: Save PNG Images with Transparent Background

New version of http://GeoKone.NET is out today!

GeoKone.NET :: Create Sacred Geometry!

GeoKone.NET :: Create Sacred Geometry!

Release Notes

I’ve released a couple of maintenance releases after 0.98.10 was announced, here are the changes:

  • Saving of PNG images with Transparent Backgrounds. Finally! :)
  • Fixed Scene Saving Overwrite check to work
  •  Only activate touch input mode when clicking on the canvas area, not on the borders. Preventing
    accidental modifying of the formations hopefully.
  • Removed the layer container numbers, not really bringing any new information and probably slowed down drawing
  • Show spinning cursor when loading & saving scenes, big scene saving & loading can take a while, show some feedback
  • Improve and fix the Randomize feature to generate formations with more parameter changes
  • Minor optimizations

Saving PNG Images with Transparent Background

GeoKone.NET finally supports saving PNG images with transparent background, saving the alpha information correctly. This means you no longer have to manually cut out the transparent areas or figure out different blending options to make compositing images good in Photoshop for example. GeoKone can now draw high quality, high resolution, beautiful antialiased formations with alpha transparency!

The image above was made with with the new version. This is a really welcome addition suggested by many users, makes transferring art from GeoKone to other programs much more easier and better looking.

To Save Images with Transparent Background, Choose the ‘Transparent Background’ option in the Save Image dialog, and make sure you Save the Image to your disk from the browser.

At least with Firefox just copying the image doesn’t preserve the transparency correctly for some reason, I have to save the image to my disk first and then continue editing from there.

Start Creating Geometry!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET and start creating Sacred Geometry!

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