GeoKone.NET 0.98.20 Released :: Improved Scene Loader with Thumbnails

New version of http://GeoKone.NET is online!

Improved Scene Loader

Improved Scene Loader

Release Notes

  • New improved scene loader. Now shows thumbnail previews of your scenes. Much easier to use. Loads more scenes on demand as you scroll down the list.
  • Server side rendering of scenes via converting the project to Java+Processing and generating thumbnails of your scenes everytime you save a scene. This will enable more features in the upcoming releases, like seeing what scenes other people are creating.
  • All mouse operations now require you to to drag, holding the mouse button down while moving. This is to prevent accidental modifications of the scene and to more comply with how other software works.
  • Remove Google stats tracking, didn’t really use this so much and it just slows down the initial load time
  • Some small tweaks and optimizations in the UI & help

Scene Loader Notes

The new Scene Loader will generate a thumbnail image of your scene everytime you save it. This has some limitations currently, as the codebase that generates the thumbnail is running on Java+Processing, instead of Javascript+Processing.JS, so the images are not rendered correctly on all cases. Especially really small scenes and scenes that utilize the bug (or feature) of setting childNumPointsFixed or childNumPointsRatio to a fraction (1.5 example) will not render correctly on the server side.

Also some really complex scenes with very high recursion depths unfortunately will usually result in a out of memory error on the java side of things, so these might not work either.

I’m pretty happy that this works anyway on this level, so I can now start working on implementing sharing of scenes with others and then seeing what people are creating with GeoKone.NET :)

Start Creating Geometry!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET, sign up for an account and start saving your scenes on the server!


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