Video :: Arrival of New Information on our Planet in form of Sacred Geometry

This was our entry to Assembly Summer 2013, a big computer user & demoscene  gathering held here in Finland every year, in the Short Film Compo.

It is a symbolic story about how new information is being downloaded here on our Planet .. Represented in Sacred Geometry created with http://GeoKone.NET, edited and transformed with Final Cut Pro X. Music by Hystereo Psychovsky, all graphics & editing by Yours Truly.

Enjoy! Watch in HD, Fullscreen & with some good speakers or headphones! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Video :: Arrival of New Information on our Planet in form of Sacred Geometry

  1. Profound, this visualization really speaks to me, it somehow symbolises the life force to me, it captures how ‘GOD CONSCIOUSNESS’ beautifully manifests though fractal apertures of spirit :) this gives me hope in my heart of a wave of consciousness uplifting the spirits of humanity ^_^ and how we can so easily integrate this profound wisdom if we all tune in💓 haha it seems such a deep comment for such a simple video and what it symbolises but that’s just it, pure simplicity in perfect design…sacredgeometry speaks infinite hish tones of ever evolving bliss! Love the vid glad to see there are still people who see more than what’s just on the suface, “Love2All4LoveIsItself” :P

    • Haha thank you Nico, your comment really makes my day ^_^ I am glad to see you really got the message in this video, that was displayed through using Sacred Geometry, something that is pretty difficult to understand maybe, but still speaks to all of us in some profound way. I am glad to hear your vision of uplifting consciousness and the spirits of humanity .. this is indeed happening and will continue to lift us towards something completely new :)

      Happy to see a fellow spirit and glad you left a comment, boosts my spirits and confirms that sacred geometry is indeed something to continue working on and bringing forwards.


  2. This was a mesmerizing experience. Thank you for sharing. I only recently discovered the field of sacred geometry thru the art of Charles Gilchrist and find it quite fascinating.

    • Thanks H3nry for the feedback! Glad you found it mesmerizing, that was the purpose :)

      Charles Gilchrist is amazing, he has some great youtube videos explaining what it is all about, one of my inspirators also!

      It is a pretty deep field, a field that is rising again and something that modern science is starting to find also through the quantum connections of everything and the models that follow sacred geometry there. Interesting times!

      Keep on exploring!

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