Natural High from Using GeoKone.NET ^_^

Lately I’ve been realizing what GeoKone.NET actually is and why it is so addictive in some senses. I many times have noticed that when I create geometry with GeoKone, my mind is being surprised by the results and it receives a prize in the form of endorphines or something, the feeling is like discovering Something Completely New within somewhere that it should not be, interweaved between the different connecting geometries, hidden, waiting for me to unravel it.

From this ..

From this ..

GeoKone Is A Tool For Expressing Energy

To This.. GeoKone Is A Tool For Expressing Energy!


When exploring these seemingly simple geometrical shapes, with GeoKone you can almost like play a game of seek and hide, by zooming in and out of the formations, changing parameters and seeing how they connect for completely new connections. It’s like a constant Aha!” feeling in the brain, like the mind is seeing new things that weren’t there before and it brings a child like joy to me to explore these forms.

Geometry Makes New Connections

Geometry Makes New Connections

I have witnessed and heard about this same feeling with other people so many times now, that I am really happy to see that others beside me also see this effect. It is almost intoxicating, and in some senses it is, as how I see is that our brains create new connections somehow when they are given Natural Geometry to explore. It is like connecting the neural networks withing us, connecting the dots to create new connections and see things in a new way. Same as with music connecting new things, also visuals can do the same thing, especially if we are expressing ourselves in the process.

This can create almost like a intoxicated effect in the user, like my dear companion Anna said that she felt almost drunk from the effect.

I also found this Blog Post from Young, Broke and Awesome describing the effects:

“There are a lot of things that provoke my curiosity, but nothing works better than geometry. I love watching shapes evolve into beautiful patterns and designs. It is amazing how much beauty erupts from simple inputs and small changes of variables. In the midst of my computer explorations of the day, I stumbled upon this awesome little app called “GeoKone” after I googled “Geometry generator”. I became intoxicated by the program. I made so many different shapes and patterns in a matter of seconds using simple commands.”

I would love to understand this effect more and where it comes from, and what it feels like. So, if you have noticed the same kind of effects, of achieving some kind of natural high or otherwise altered state of mind while using GeoKone, I would be happy to hear. Please leave a comment here or e-mail me at Sakari AT PsiTriangle D0T NET (unscramble this)!

Thank you!

Get Naturally Intoxicated!

Now go to http://app.GeoKone.NET, create Geometry and get Naturally Intoxicated ^_^ !


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