GeoKone.NET Gets Animation Support :: 0.93.30 Released

New version of http://GeoKone.NET is online! Now comes with Animation! ^_^
If you want to see straight away some examples live in GeoKone, load these files into GeoKone via “Scene/Load Local File”:

Hit the Animate button with these and they will start to animate, and you can modify the contents realtime of course.

Animation & Tracing!

Animation & Tracing!

Release Notes

  • Animation support! Support for rotating and scaling the formations based on adjustable parameters. Very cool :) Supports tracing also. No support for exporting animated scenes as images yet, though.
  • Use keyboard commands ‘0’ (Zero) to toggle animation, ‘9’ to toggle rotation, ‘8’ to toggle scaling.
  • Changed checkbox appearance to switches
  • Keyboard command ‘Del/Backspace’ now used to delete formations
  • Page Up/Page Down now select active formation also
  • Print Screen shows Export Image dialog
  • Tighten the UI layout a bit
  • Fixed the Randomizer and added better color presets

Realtime Animation

Animation support! Glad to announce that GeoKone.NET now supports animating the formations in real time. Each formation can be Rotated & Scaled in real time, with parameters for controlling the scaling and rotation. You can use keyboard command ‘0’ to toggle the animation, and commands ‘8’ for toggling Scaling and ‘9’ for Rotation.

Using the Tracing Feature

Using the Tracing Feature

With animation you can also trace the movement, leave trails of the moving formations, while animating, which can lead you to some very pretty images! No support for saving these traced images yet (except of course taking a screen shot).

Creating Vortexes

Creating Vortexes. Change the Line Color while Tracing :)

Also due to couple of users telling me about this, the keyboard command for Delete has been moved to ‘Backspace/Del’. Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully having Undo some day too :D

Very Interesting Shapes can now be found!

Very Interesting Shapes can now be found!

Got my Oculus Rift DevKit last week .. let’s see where this goes with GeoKone in the future ;)

Start Creating Geometry!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET and starting playing around with the Animation! Try out different scale frequencies, rotation speeds (also negative!) and see what kind of worlds you can find!

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