Video :: Crop Circles Decoded

I rarely see good videos about Sacred Geometry, this is one of them. ArcturusAnt explains calmly and with a relaxing and harmonizing tone all about what Crop Circles and the Sacred Geometry in them represents.

I too, believe, Crop Circles are here to remind us of something Universal. Some of them are made by humans, but the more complex ones, whew, when it is really difficult even to program these on a computer, I cannot really see how somebody could really make these more complex designs with just some strings and a set of boards, like some people claim.

Go ahead, try and make some of those more complex designs even with pen and paper. It’s a lot of work and the accuracy represented in some the crop circles is just amazing.

The claim that people are making these manually is just ridiculous when you understand the calculations and work that would be needed to make something like this, even without taking into account that the crops are cleanly folded from the base without damaging the plant..


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