GeoKone.NET updated with PDF Support

http://GeoKone.NET has been updated! Now with support for Downloading PDF versions of your scene!

GeoKone.NET Blasting Geometry :: Now With PDF Export Support!

GeoKone.NET Blasting Geometry :: Now With PDF Export Support!

Actually it has been over a month already from the release, been pretty hectic with getting up to speed, will write about that more in a separate post later.

Release Notes

  • PDF Downloading, download Scalable Vector Graphics versions of your scenes, in PDF format. Requires for you to register an user, scene to be saved on our server and purchased PDF downloads. You can purchase PDF downloads with Paypal currently, considering adding Bitcoin support in the upcoming releases.
  • Nudge Sliders, New UI elements for adjusting poly parameters with mouse, nudge sliders. These enable much more precise control of parameter values with the mouse too. Slide left and right to add or decrease to current value increasingly.
  • Hide User Interface, The option ‘Scene/Hide User Interface’ will hide all the user interface elements from the screen. Combine this with fullscreen to get fullscreen canvas for now.
  • User Interface Improvements, Show current active formation and number of formations on the scene, added Golden Ratio scene size presets and now the currently modified parameter value is shown in the bottom right corner.

For full list of changes, see the ChangeLog.

PDF Exporting

This is one of the most requested features since the beginning of GeoKone, and finally it is here. Now you can export your scenes to Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or other vector based programs and continue editing your scene there. This means you can now easily make print quality versions of your scenes, for example for t-shirts, art and other physical objects you might want to decorate with GeoKone art.

The previous version of the downloaded PDF will always be stored on the server, so you can re-download already exported scenes without having to purchase more. This is a paid feature, because running the servers cost money and for now I have paid it from my own pockets. All PDF purchases and donations help support keeping GeoKone running! ^_^

Here are a couple of examples of PDF files exported with GeoKone (click on image to open PDF version)

GeoKone PDF Example 1

GeoKone PDF Example 1


GeoKone PDF Example 2

GeoKone PDF Example 2

GeoKone PDF Example 3

GeoKone PDF Example 3


Create Geometry! Be Creative!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET, register yourself an account, Create A Scene, Save It and check out the ‘Scene/Download PDF’ option :)


4 thoughts on “GeoKone.NET updated with PDF Support

      • Thanks loads! This is a super sweet program. I m having difficulty downloading the github version, when I open the index.html its all jiberish computer language but I will try opening from a different computer as well. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, totally awesome, love the videos as well and I am so happy for you! Live it up inDiGenious!!! wooo WOOOO¡! :) Anytime you head to South America, let me know, I`ve got an organic chocolate tree farm in the the North of Peru and your welcome to chill and enjoy nature anytime¡! Overflowing light and happiness your way.

      • Hey Wayra, and big thanks for the warm comments, made me smile and happy (in midst of the darkness and cold here in Finland) :)

        What browser are you using to open it ? Firefox should work at least. Chrome or some other might not.

        Wow, organic chocolate, I will definitely keep that in mind, big thank you for the offer! South America has been calling me for a while already, I will come there once Geometrify (next evolution of GeoKone for the VR) is ready :)

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