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Hello! I am Sakari, aka. inDigiNeous. I love Coding, Graphics & Design. I exist in order to evolve, learn and to change.

Ultimately, I create:

   Positive Changes in the Way We  Live, Through Harmonious Use of Technology, in Respect to Nature.

I am a very Visual Thinker. If I can draw it, I can understand how it works.

I am a Programmer, Weaver Of Binary Webs, Arranger of Zeros and Ones, Master Of The Boolean Logics.

The one who Dances With The Machines

Digital Understanding is a big thing in my life, probably overtakes everything else. I want to see what can be found in the virtual realms of binary logics. My motivation for things I do has always been

The Direct Experience of something new, different. To learn and to improve. To ride on the first waves of change. Transform the negative to the positive.

I enjoy retro videogames, swimming, sauna, vegan food, power smoothies, the nunchakus, juggling sticks, videogame music, old LucasArts adventure games, breaking the rules, jumping over things, climbing to high places, bicycling and long walks in the forest ^_^

Sites which through I express:

Word out, greetings from Finland! :: Sakari AT PsiTriAngle D0T NET

42 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Hi inDigiNeous,

      You have a lovely website! The visually stunning header image reminds me of the Koch snowflake, a fractal that begins with an equilateral triangle and then replaces the middle third of every line segment with a pair of line segments that form an equilateral bump.

      Well done!

      • Hey-Ya SoundEagle! Sounds like a Native American name, I like that :)

        Thank you for your kind message, and for the description of the Koch Snowflake, I googled it up and yeah it does.

        This is a symbol that connects me to my higher self, or my original self. The middle formation is a symbol of a spinning Merkaba formation, shooting out new information outwards and cleansing the old ways at the same time ..

        Checked out your blog too, too bad my media computer was too slow to process the interactive stuff running there, but loved the positive ANSI style art :)

      • inDigiNeous, perhaps the slowness could also possibly be partially caused by your slow Internet connection. . . . .

        As a guide for you, most of SoundEagle’s posts and pages should take less than three seconds to load fully (even on my two year-old computer).

        You can add more memory to your computer, either an extra memory card on your computer or RAM chips (as much as 16 Giga bytes of RAM if you can afford it), plus a fast central processor unit (CPU), and a speedy broadband connection of 20 Mega bits/sec or more.

        It would be really worth your while to upgrade if you wish to experience some truly interactive posts and pages on my multimedia website, where you can listen to my original compositions, watch animated graphics, play games, use interactive applications and solve puzzles.

        Wishing you a happy, snappy and smooth online surfing!

  1. I absolutely love GeoKone!!!! Any chance you will be bringing out a version that can export as a vector file? Next level!!! Thanks for your creation! :)

    • Your comment brings warmth to my heart, thank you :) It is really nice to hear you love it, this is why I do it.
      Yes! Vector output will be upcoming. Not sure when though, hopefully in the next couple of months.
      I would love to hear what you are using GeoKone for :) This would help me to see what people are doing with it.

  2. Hello, Love GeoKone :)))
    doing research for my study of architecture, forms fractal geometrical shapes, this is what I need, maybe I would need to create something like this :) I am thinking to go further like 3D :D have you though about that ? :)))

    • Hey! Glad to hear you love it! :)
      Architecture sounds exactly like something that Sacred Geometry could be very useful and practical to be used at, creating stable and energy efficient building blocks.
      Yeah I have thought about 3D, actually moving these current formations from GeoKone to 3D should not be such a difficult task on a theoretical level, just add one more dimension and expand the existing algorhitms to that .. but on a practical level, in terms of how to modify these formations, it’s a complete new thing :)

      Are you thinking about building your own software ?

      Would love to hear more about how you are researching fractals and geometrical shapes in terms of architecture.

  3. If I found some time to learn some programing I will build my own software, now I am just researching, and I like your program :) In theory it is easy to build third dimension but in programing it is very difficult and time consuming, and time is our enemy :D If I don’t do my program I will do fractal in 3ds max and I already have nice idea :)

  4. How have you been at the beginning of the second half of 2013, inDigiNeous?

    It is with pleasure to inform you that SoundEagle has recently completed the following two posts, which might be of some relevance to your interests:

    • Hey SoundEagle. been fine! Lot’s of change in the air.
      Thanks for the info, the scenes that you made with Silk possess nice sacred geometry patterns in them, I wasn’t really aware you could make structured stuff with Silk.

      I will have to loan some ideas from Silk to GeoKone, especially interactivity and the use of color :)

  5. Hello =) thank you very much for a good site. I have a simpel question and would very much need your help. I am looking for 1 geomatric shape, THEE GEOMATRIC SHAPE for awakening the mind. So far I have Metatrons cube and I am guessing it is a very good geometric form. Do you know any good graphics for this one or where I could find it? Please help. THANK YOU!

    • Hey Brian. Thank you for the proposition, but currently I am busy working on the next version of GeoKone (native C++) that I don’t really have the resources to focus on a jQuery plugin. But I am interested in what were you thinking about for the use case of such plugin ? Maybe we can work something out, or you can do it yourself, GeoKone.NET is open source after all. :)

  6. I just found geokone and I am using it and liking it so far. On your video you describe how to save a hires version of the design i create, and in the help section you also describe that I can set the resolution however i like….but I have not figured out how to do this. So my designs get saved as 200 kb files which is very lowres. Please tell me how i can save these images in a higher res. Thank you.

    • I guess you are trying to save traced images as high res ?
      If you have tracing option on, GeoKone does not support saving high resolution images yet unfortunately.
      Thanks for the comment!

  7. Thank you for your reply. I think I got it now. I REALLY like your program. I love sacred geometry. THANK YOU : ) 112358132134…

  8. Thank you for your answer. I am still having trouble. I set tracing to false. I click export png and I don’t see how I can set resolution. My file size is always about 200kb. I would like to get photo-like high resolution for 8 inches by 10 inches if possible. I see that you have an option to download as PDF for a fee. Is that what I have to do, or is there another way to download the file hires without tracing? Please tell me the steps I need to take because although I love your site, it is difficult for me to figure everything out in the terminology you use. Thank you for your help.

    • Just set the width and height of the image in the Export PNG dialog.
      This will then export the current scene with the wanted resolution.
      I will try to make the UI a bit more clear in the upcoming versions.

  9. Dear Sir, I wish to say thank you with infinite expression. I have accidentally found your blog on Tumblr and it makes me so happy to see an open use, open source coding free production tool like this. I have not yet used GeoKone but I know I will become very familiar with it and it will help me to produce my own geometries and designs in my exploits as an aspiring visionary artist. You are amazing and wish only that I could understand coding and computers the way that you do. You sir, are a genius and I salute you.

    • My humble thank you for you sir! :) Let me know if you tumble into any questions how to use it. Currently producing some beginner tutorials on how to get started with GeoKone, but will take a while to complete them. Meanwhile, be sure to watch the tutorial videos and check out the keyboard commands, and like GeoKone at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeoKoneNET, I’ll be posting updates there more often.

  10. Thank You for Your amazing software! I practice psychotherapy and want to self-publish some mandalas from GeoKone. I did not understand all about licence. It`s not about distribution, more abaout creating and publish graphics. Is it ok?

    • Thanks Konstantin, that’s cool, using for therapy or something ? Yeah, feel free to use your images in any way you like. I’ll have to clarify that on future versions!

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