How We Are Being Programmed :: Seeing Through Methods of Brainwashing

Now for something different, recently I have been mostly writing about Sacred Geometry & GeoKone, but I have always lots of writing underway that is just waiting to be finished.

In this writing, I will dwelve into the subject of Human Programming, something that is happening all around us. Especially in the western culture, that is dominated by the idea that Some People Know the Truth, and You Don’t.

Disturbingly, we don’t even to seem to notice this happening, as this hobby of some Very Enthusiastic People has been going on so long that it is difficult to separate what is really our Own Programming and what is External Programming. This is why I want to write about this subject, as recognizing what Comes From Within You, and What Comes Outside Of You is very important in finding Your True Self.

I will look at the subject from a Computer Programming viewpoint, as I am a computer programmer myself, so it is natural for me to express these ideas through metaphors that relate to programming and computers. I don’t take the subject too seriously though, as I believe nothing should be taken too seriously.

How We Are Being Programmed

Human Programming Is Easy!

Human Programming Is Easy!

Human Programming! This now popular hobby has been growing during the last 2000 years or so exponentially. Everyday we are being told what to eat, what to wear, what to buy and how to think. And how to believe in forming our World Views. Human programming is not really that complicated when we get to the core of it.

Most of it it is based on repetition and affecting to our most basic needs. For example our fear and the basic instinct to survive is being constantly bombarded by messages of assurance through purchasing some product or telling us that We Are Not Enough, You Need This to be Fully Human. Another strong way to get our attention is through sexual messages, as this pulls in the strong animal in us and leads us to easy prey for those who know how to affect our minds when we are not paying attention.

In order to detect when this is happening and how we can protect our selves from it, we will have to first understand How and When this programming is going on.

In this writing, we will inspect the Simplified Model of Human Computers: The Threefold Connection of The Mind, The Body and The Spirit . Understanding the relationship between these three parts is vital in understanding how humans are manipulated everywhere.

Humans can be thought as a combination of three independent operating parts: Body, Mind & Spirit:

TriFold Connection Of Spirit, Mind & Body

TriFold Connection Of Spirit, Mind & Body

This is an Extremely Simplified Model. These three parts describe the Main Operating Parts of The Human.

Every one of these three parts  can operate independently. The Mind can be active without connection to the body, The Body can react to it’s environment automatically and The Spirit can be totally disconnected both from the human body and mind and still function completely. This is important to know, as separation of these parts is one of the key aspects of programming humans. When we are not complete, when we feel some part of us is not enough, when we are broken, then we can be programmed more easily.

When programming Humans, new codes have to be inputted to the system through various techniques that Require Careful Manipulation of all Three in Co-Ordination. These can be thought as kinds of buffer overflow techniques, depending on the information that we want to feed.

Most Programming Techniques Happen on a Mind & Body Level! The Spirit requires more high level work to be programmed. We will concentrate on the Mind & Body level work, as these techniques work on the majority of Humans.

Now, Let’s start  looking at basic models for these three parts:

The Body

Human & Female Bodies

Fleshbags of Water

The Body can be simplified as a Highly Developed Artificial Intelligence that Responds to Stimulae from the External World around it. The body acts as a antennae for the human, transferring information from the world around it to the Central Processing Unit, The Brain.

The Body reacts to its environment through the Nervous System in interaction with The Mind. The Mind/Body System Models its own Internal Version of the Environment around it every iteration of time units, receiving Input from the different Sensory Systems, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and so on and then Creates Simplified, Symbolic Models that represent different things from these sensory inputs.

How is this relevant for programming purposes  ?  These Internal Models Can Be Re-Programmed! Let’s look more into detail how the Body builds these models:

Raw Energies

Streams of Raw Energies

Imagine everything that happens around you. All the things you are sensing. Where do these perceptions come from? From scanning the Raw Energies from your environment.

The Body is always Re-Acting to it’s Environment. Like bats sending out Sonic Waves and reflecting them back, the body does the same thing through all it’s sensory input/output systems.

A Bat Scan

A Bat Scan

The Body is scanning the different frequencies of energies vibrating around it all the time, and then re-creating that environment through Conceptualized Models of Meaning (eg. “this energy represents a table”) and storing these models into the Mind Construct.

Human Energy Fields

Human Energy Fields

Every moment, every second, every millisecond, The body is reflecting the energies around it’s perimeter and Building Complex Symbolic Versions of the different wave combinations received.

These Models are created to make a sense of the environment, to symbolize raw energies into Meaningful Pieces of Operation Codes that can be processed more efficiently. If this process wouldn’t happen, we would be overwhelmed by the information received and would not able to operate at all in our highly complex environments. The information needs to be conceptualized and simplified in order to process effectively and to operate as physical human beings.

This process can be thought as kind of Connect The Dots from the information around us. When we first come here, these conceptualized symbols are empty. We have not yet connected any dots, and are open to any programming that comes from outside.

Empty Slate For Programming

Empty (Not Really) Slate For Programming

When the Mind Construct is empty, the Human has no way of understanding it’s environment. When human babies are born, they start building this Mind Construct through interaction with the environment. They scan it constantly, try out different things, taste, smell, hear, yell and see what happens.

At This Age, Humans Already have Very Complex Mind Constructs (but very easily programmed still!)

At This Age, Humans Already have Very Complex Mind Constructs (but very easily programmed)

Through this recursive interaction, slowly, the Mind Construct starts to form. This is why babies are more easily programmed than grown adults. Adults already have sturdy Mind Constructs within their Brain, and have a lot of old programming in the way of inputting new data to their system.

The Body/Mind Creates a Meaningful Symbolic Model Of The Energies

This Is A Table! The Body/Mind Creates a Meaningful Symbolic Model Of The Energies

We will go deeper into this later, for now it is enough to understand that everything the body experiences, results from scanning the environment from the moment we are born, and Through this Constant Learning Process, Re-Defining and Re-Iterating over These Models, Creating and refining the Internal World View.

What this in practicality means, is: All that Humans Experience, Can Be Modified, if we can affect what kind of data is inputted into the body/mind in the construction phase!

How Difficult this Modifying is, Depends Largely on the Amount of Data the Human Can Process at any Given Point. Humans operating on more Higher Frequencies can see through simple programming methods, and require more complex buffer overflow methods. This we can call as the Base Operating Frequency of any single human.

Base Operating Frequency

The Operating Frequency which the Human Body is operating, defines How Much Information the Human can handle given every sampling point, or moment in time. If the body is operating on a High Frequency, it will process more information at once from it’s environment, creating more Complex Models and seeing more complex structures happening around it’s environment.

Higher Frequency Means More Processing In The Same Time Period

Bodies running with Lower Frequencies Construct a Simpler Model, as they possess less processing power per sampling point. This Results in Very Different World Views between different Human Models. The lower the frequency, the easier it is to feed programming into the human!

Fear, Sexuality & Territory Control are all Low Frequency operating modes. When these modes are being enforced all around us, our Operating Frequency is lowered to match these modes. The worry about how to survive, who to breed with, and who owns this and that draws us to operate on these basic instinct modes. And even though we think we are living in a high civilization, you don’t need to look too far to see these operation modes enforced everywhere. Go out in the city and see how humans are operating. This is key to controlling us, keep those frequencies low!

When the human is operating at a low frequency, certain higher parts of our psyche and spiritual abilities are not activated. Then we cannot see the whole picture, we only see the lowered view of things, from a low viewpoint. This view point puts individual survival on top of all other things and thus keeps us actually very limited in how we can form our world view. We will always put individual needs on top of the community needs if being kept in this passive mode. This is also key to keeping us Not Seeing That We Are Being Programmed!

By Raising The Human Operating Frequencies, we are more Free To Conceptualize our World Views into more Coherent and Larger Models. But if you are into human programming business, it is indeed not something you want, for people to become aware!

This is something we will go into more detail later, but let’s just say there are certain tricks to keep the Human Frequency low enough to feed it programming data more easier. Now, let’s take a look at

The Mind

Brains Input Output System (BIOS)

Brains Input Output System (BIOS)

The Brain stores the construct known as the Human Mind. Notice the word construct, as the Mind is ultimately a big network of connections programmed from the birth of the human, and is only limited by it’s own programming.

The Human Mind is designed to Protect The Body,  the Vessel Humans use to travel the 3D/4D Physical/Time Dimensions. The Mind AI is controlled by the Spirit or Higher Self, and also handles as a I/O center for the Body.

Self Configuring Network Of Independent Cells

Self Configuring Network Of Independent Cells

The Mind is a Self Configuring Artificial Intelligence, that can inspect itself and make self-corrections in it’s Operation Code. But it also relies heavily on input and stimulae coming from external sources, and does most of the I/O processing for the Human Body, gathering input, processing it and sending output to the Body.

The Mind Processes Information. It’s main task is to keep the Human Body alive, by re-acting to the environment automatically through the nervous system.

This AI is Very Highly Developed, but it relies on certain basic principles of operation that Once Detected, Can Be Manipulated, especially if the human is running on a low enough frequency or has the connection to the Spirit cut off sufficiently. This is why it will always prioritize certain aspects of our programming, like survival and basic needs, if not being consciously re-programmed by the user.

The Human Mind is a self-preserving formation, and once programmed, requires Removing of the Old Programming to replace with new. This is why it is best to start programming the Human at a very young age, as there is less old programming in the way!

Easiest way to Program Humans is through the Mind Connection, as most Human Models will Automatically Rely on Input fed through the Body. When the Mind is controlling the human, it is very keen to act on all thoughts that come through the I/O system of the body.

Effective ways are Instructions in forms of Written Text, Audio, Pictures and especially The Combination of These, in form of Movies.

Mass Spam Of External Information Gives Effective Results!

Mass Spam Of External Information Gives Effective Results!

Moving Pictures, or Movies & Television Programs, are the most common way of programming big masses of Humans currently. This is something that has become very popular during the last 100 years or so.

We will go deeper into this subject later, but let’s just say for now that through distracting the Mind with moving pictures and sounds,  through bypassing the defense mechanisms of the Right Side Of The Brain, the Rational Side of the Human Brain can be programmed sub-consciously through carefully constructed scenes of images and sounds.

This involves in putting the brain in a Dream Like state, where the natural defense systems are fooled to believe anything that is fed into the subconscious mind.

This way, it is easy to pass instructions in there, like “Trust In God“, “You Will GoTo Hell If You Do Not Obey”, “Buy This Product“, and so on! Effective methods are to be Direct and Add as much as Fear as possible! Fear is a very low frequency energy, and will limit the operating frequency of the receiver.

Fear can be embedded by using low frequency sounds (hear those “brrrrruuuuuuumm” sounds in modern movie trailers that seem to be everywhere?), or by showing scenes of destruction and doom, or by simply telling us that we are not enough, our sunglasses are not cool enough. This will trigger the fear of uncertainty in us and open the ports to tell us how to rationally get out of this situation.

But like I said, this is a topic for another writing completely, now let’s look at the final simplified part of the humans:

The Spirit

The Spirit can be thought as a controller for the Body & Mind, as it is connected to both. But the Spirit is far more complex than just this connection to the physical representation that interacts with the 3D -world. The Spirit is the Most Complex of these three and Most Complex to Manipulate.

The Spirit can be thought as the Player who Controls the Human Body. The Mind/Body construction Reflects what the Spirit Represents for any certain human.

Spirit Is A Gamer

Spirit Is A Gamer

The True Connection to the Higher Aspect of Human Beings. The Aspect that is Instructing the Human through the connection to it’s Body/Mind Controller.

.. And Human Is The Game It Plays

.. And Human Is The Game It Plays

The term Player is to simplify things again, as in reality the Spirit is a Very Complex and great being that is hard to describe (if it is even possible) with these simple words. If the Spirit is Strong within a Human, Programming Becomes Increasingly Difficult.

This is why Spirituality is being downplayed in our society so much. Weak Spirited Models are MUCH easier to program.

Cross Promoting External Instructions Since Year 0!

Cross Promoting External Instructions Since Year 0!

The Spirit can be weakened too, but this requires very much groundwork, but fortunately here at Planet Earth, certain ground breaking organizations like The Church (or any religion based on great programming book of Bible, Koran or any else Human Made Set Of Instructions) Have Worked Hard to make the Spirits of Humans Disconnected from their True Sources. Now let me say, some religions actually work on unifying human beings, but most are just there in For the Control and Telling us that we need middlemen to talk to God.

“Aah Hahahahaa Haa!! .. Oops, wrong meeting ..”

“Aah Hahahahaa Haa!! .. Oops, wrong meeting ..”

Great Programmers Stand on Shoulders of Giants! It’s easier to control those who are already under control of Illusionary Gods and Visions of Impending Doom created for them from the moment they have been born.

The Spirit is the most hardest part to program of a human, because it requires more work to detect or manipulate it’s ways.  There are certain Universal Laws that are in place that affect the behaviour  of the Spirit, and these can be used to Hack the Spirit, but these always require consent from the Spirit and thus it must be tricked into the programming if we want to really manipulate any Human on longer term basis.

One simple example of luring the Spirit is to ask for it’s permission in a very confusing way that the rational mind does not understand. By overloading the rational thinking with overly long contracts and then requiring the Human to place it’s energies into the contract, the Spirit’s energy can be trapped into a paper document for example. This way, the both parties have agreed on to this deal, and if the Spirit breaks the contract, it is actually breaking Universal Laws Of Creation, on which we will also go into more detail later.

One other good example of tricking the Spirits comes in the form of the old Vampire tales, where it is repeated that one must Invite the Vampire in, otherwise they cannot enter the house. This is a representation of the Universal Laws of Creation again. This area is very deep indeed, and it is better to stick the basic body/mind techniques in combination with simple Spirit Programming for effective results!


Now that we have the basic concepts understood, we can continue later on and go into much more detail on how the actual programming can happen.In the next parts I hope to look more at how our frequencies are actually limited through food & medical supplies, how subliminal messages work and at some point how we can protect ourselves from this programming.

Peace out,

Video: Islamic Patterns and Sacred Geometry

Here is a nice little video showing some nice Sacred Geometry design and explaining shortly what Sacred Geometry is about

I like the sentence in the end where roughly they said “Through repetition of the same form, it is like remembering all the time that All Is One”. Truly, Everything Is Fractal. With Sacred Geometry we can explore this nature of our Cosmos through repetition of the same forms, everywhere around us.

How We Are Being Programmed By The Television

My view on what mainstream television is currently:


Mainstream TV is a way of transmitting Visual Programming for People. Locking Us in front of the strangely pulsating screens, letting our brains fall into sleep and succumb into the mind numbing pleasureness of watching the latest episode of the current blockbuster series. Keeping us sedated, relaxed in our chairs, peaceful.

TV Programming

TV Programming

Enter: Tainment, which keeps us in our current place. How many hours of human development has been wasted by staring into these hypnotizing devices ? How much more richer our lives could be if we were not kept back by the imposed world views of the Mass Media Providers ?

We are being programmed by the TV all the time. We think characters in TV series are Real, we talk about them like they are our Friends. “Hey, did you hear what happened to Joey in the last episode of Friends ? Wasn’t that crazy?! Oh man, That Joey guy!”. We talk about Imaginery People like they are real, something tangible. Isn’t this classed as psychotic behavior by some ? Are we living in a Dream? In a Fantasy ? And if we are, who are we allowing to Create that Fantasy ? You .. or those who control the mass media ?

Want your kid to become a Slave to the Caffeine filled, sugary cola drinks ? Want your kid to think that dressing up like Britney Spears is something to be wanted in Life ? Want your kids heroes to be sucking up to Big Companies that continue raping our Planet for Profit. Then do nothing, let your kids get their world views from the mainstream media, and watch how our society transforms slowly into a land filled with Shopping Centre Temples, where Money, Image, Ego and Golden Bling Bling are worshipped and where everyone is a Slave to the System they have Built.

And From The Heavens God Passed Down Hundreds of Dollars

And From The Heavens God Passed Down Hundreds of Dollars, And Oh Joy, It Was Good

The One God we worship now, Money,  goes Beyond Everything. Morals, Empathy, Feelings and almost everything can be surpassed by the Greed For Money. We have iMagiNated and Created This One Monoteistic Earthly God,  Money, by worshipping it everywhere, putting our I-Magi-Nations into it.

Through Us and Our Lust For Money & Power, Power Over Other Men, we Continue To Support this System (US:THEM).

What We Imagine

We Create

Imagine If You Could Imagine All That Ever Existed

Imagine If You Could Imagine All That Ever Existed

Funny how Easy it Is, but That’s It. When We Imagine Constant Fear and Doubt for the Future, We Create Constant Fear and Doubt.

Currently we live in a System (Us, Them) that Encourages this kind of IMagiNation.

But I Thought Slavery Did Not Exist!

But I Thought Slavery Did Not Exist!

We have to first Break The System, In Order to Evolve. Currently, Mass Media, Movies, CDs, Advertising, Religions, Governments, they all push down the idea of Constant Fear. Fear of the War. Fear that There Is Not Enough for Everyone. That only those who Prove themselves in the Money Game are allocated Resources. Limiting our natural way to Evolve. Limiting Free Copying of Digital Material. Limiting with Copyrights, Patents, Deals, Social Numbers, Rules, Limitations and ultimately Neural Programmings that control everything we do in life.

WHAT? THERE IS _******* ?

WHAT? THERE IS _******* ?

When we break free from that limiting system, we see how things really are. So, if you still want to keep on watching TV, go ahead. But know that it is designed to keep us Passive Consumers, whose behaviour is being modified all the time into a Easily Controlled Group Model, resembling that of Frightened Sheep, kept in a passive mode by filling it’s body with highly sedative and Feelings – blocking chemicals.

Primal Sacred Geometry .. Being Taken Over By Someone

Primal Sacred Geometry .. Being Taken Over By Someone. (Yeah, They Know About Power of Sacred Geometry)

Pushing down passivating cow milk & sugary poison drinks, dictating what News we should beLIEve and what products to buy. Even going So Far as Creating these Fake and Illusionist Reflections of What is Currently Happening in our World, called Movies & TV Series, where people are being told that “THIS IS A MOVIE, THIS IS NOT REAL”.

Then Creating Movies Out Of Real Things, making us beLIEve that This Event Only Happens In Movies, and not In Real Life.

Ultimately, programming our Minds to tell us “THIS IS NOT REAL”, which leads to us Denying that Event from being Created, because we cannot I-Magi-Ne it.

Making us Think that what you see, may not be Real. It may be Unreal. That something you experience, cannot Exists at all. So Far have we Gone in Experiencing Total Disconnection From The True Nature of Our Universe and Creating this big Illusion of Dis-Connectivity. But It Is Time To Move On. To REvolve, Evolve and Ultimately just Love.

What Will Lead Us To This? It’s Simple:

Do Not Let Any External Source To Tell You What You Can iMagiNe!

This Way, We will automatically start behaving as It Is Natural For Us, in Respect With Nature, and with Respect to Each Others. As we start acting on our Highest Behalf, we are at the same time assisting others to walk their paths following  their true Passion. If we Hide Our Powers, We Will Not Reflect the True Nature of Our Selves, and We Will Stay Enslaved as Anonymous Work Drones.

We Have So Long Been Programmed Into Thinking that we do not have enough, that we are not enough, that we need to buy these sunglasses to look cool, to wear these shirts, to listen to this music and to BeLieVe in these Gods and Masters, for they Know The Secret to Life and are So, Oh So, Sacred and Holy! But, We All Have The Secret Within All Of Us, all we have to do is To Look Within, to Find It ! :)

Look Within

Look Within

More Sacred Geometry, Star Portals and Mandalas for Meditation

I want to share some more of the Sacred Geometry creations I have put together, I start to honestly feel that these images alter the way I think about my surroundings, they tap directly into some consciousness within me, almost like life coming together and building itself in the shapes of these seemingly simple but deceptively complex formations.

There is something very powerful here in the interlaced play of the red and blue colours

While looking at these pictures in a state of meditation, I can feel how they alter my consciousness somehow directly, with the patterns starting to live a life of their own within my subconsciousness, mind and everything, affecting how I sense everything around me, like the patterns in themselves are starting to grow beyond my monitor, into my existence and altering the way in which I connect to the energies around me, allowing me to focus on a pattern that lets me calibrate my reality into, like offering a blueprint into the way life operates in itself.

Staring Into Infinity, It is hard to let go of looking at this

It’s pretty difficult to put into words what I felt yesterday when I looked at these images in an altered state of consciousness. I felt I was communicating with an living organism, an intelligent AI, that was building itself as I watched it on the screen, like there was some kind of very highly structured form of life communicating through these images, creating life wherever it managed to replicate itself in my conscisousness and opening portals into higher levels of communication between totally different lifeforms that exist somewhere in the realm of pure perfection and logic.

Another variation of the HyperCube

The more I learn about Sacred Geometry, the more it leaves me in awe and the more it teaches me about how the Universe functions as a whole. This is something I want to learn much more and something I want to share with others and teach others how powerful these patterns are and how understanding them can open up whole new ways of thinking.

The Star Of David is a re-occurring image in many different cultures and religions. This is a hyperdrived version of it.

Different indigenous cultures around the world have always understood the meaning of sacred geometry, they have made sure that this information is passed on through differeng generations by etching these patterns into stone, carwing them into wood, weaving them into clothes and flags and making sure we can see them everywhere, so that we may learn and understand from them. The different crosses, swastikas, chakanas, mandalas all represent something very deep in the way our reality operates, describing to us how to tap directly into the source of code of life so to speak.

The Christian Cross depicts in the most simplified ways the Golden Ratio or Phi in it's crossing

The swastikas of different cultures all describe the same thing, a force that outputs energy somehow

The different mandalas combine sacred geometry in a very complicated and profound ways

One very practical application of understanding these different formations has been the way of passing on blueprints on how to draw a perfect circle. We may think that nowadays drawing a circle is an everyday thing, but back in the day it was very important to know and understand how to construct a seemingly infinite form from finite ways of constructions, using straight angles and lines as a basis for the circular shape. This way the circle could have been drawn just by using a set of sticks and some rope for example, making the basis for many of our ancient structures.

Understanding the circle has enabled us to build structures, machines, buildings, churches and many more systems that work in harmony with the nature, letting us harness the powers of the Universe somehow directly.

I found out an interesting thing about when drawing the Star Of David,  the figure with two interlaced triangles. When dropping the number of points in each shape to two, the image becomes the classic Christian Cross. These two classical figures store the same information in the way the ratios of the lines and shapes are constructed. Storing this information must have  felt very important to the people before us, as we can see these images everywhere.

The 2 point representation of the Sacred Cross

Same ratios when adding a third point to the equation

The 4 point representation of the same ratios

I will write more about this subject in more detail later, but here are a few of my latest creations, done with the Sacred Geometry generator that I will release later this year online for everyone to use:

Six Sided Acid Star Radiates Logic

Same formation, with different, easily adjusted parameters in the Geometry Generator

A Detail of the same configuration, with more complex shapes applied

That’s it for now, I will write more once I understand more about these :) Feel free to copy these images and meditate on them, I assure they have effects that will last long after meditating on them.

Are Sysadmins the Shamans of the Digital Realms ?

I’ve often noticed that the world of computers and technology relates to the actual analog world we live in. In this post I want to compare and speculate on some of the similarities in the Digital Realms and our Analog Realms. The structure of this text is still kinda random as the subject is kinda random too, but I hope to present some analogies that are interesting at least from the view point of a computer programmer/sysadmin.. I’m going to publish this now, although the structure needs some more work yet, but this has been floating in my drafts box long enough now.

When People of the World walk on the living entity called Earth, through it’s paths and gateways of natural occupation like water flowing down rivers and animals running through paths in the mud, so do the Digital Entities living and appearing through processed and evolved earth materials (silicone, gold, aluminium) in manifestations of these possible paths that are also called Microprocessors & CPUs, memory gateways, processing cards, power units and so on. Anything that routes electricity or light through it’s integrated pathways can be considered to be a living organism in itself.

CPU Infrastructure

CPU Infrastructure

Fractal Tree

Fractal Tree

What are CPUs basically? Big meshes of Binary Fractal paths where digital information can travel. Structured digital forms of very simple lifeforms, that can react to their surroundings, inputs and outputs. Just like human beings, but in a very much more simplificated form. For Computers and Humans the most earliest memories and primitive reactions are stored in the Basic Input-Output system or BIOS.

Computer BIOS

Computer BIOS

Human Basic Input Output System (BIOS)

Human BIOS

“A good comparison to further understand the functionality of the BIOS would be to say that the BIOS is the Computer equivilant of the human hypothalamus. The hypothalamus regulates body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, and sugar levels in the blood. It is the subconscious nervous system sometimes it’s called the brain of the brain” (from

As we walk the paths in the forests, so does electricity and by now light also travel through these fractal paths inside a CPU and makes it’s own realm more perfect through binary decisions, choosing paths, travelling through different gates and branches along the binary fractals. Software which tells how to move along these lines carved in the processed sand is stored in the Genetic Memories of Computers, or BIOSes.

Computer Pathway

Computer Pathway

Human Pathway

Human Pathway

BIOS is the basic foundation for creating a model of the Internal Universe inside a computer. More advanced ways to interact can be installed by the Users. The Operating Systems, Realms or Universities in which the programs run can be related to different real life Universes and to viewpoints of different religions in our modern life. Certain beliefs and expectations are set upon different classes of Operating Systems and machines.

Humans have their own ways of building their picture of their world, ruled by different belief systems and religions. These systems are more complex than seemingly simple operating systems or artificial life models, containing programming that is expressed in the basic structure of the Language that humans speak, and most importantly, Language is the symbols we Think In.

Humans can also be programmed, and are programmed foremost by their relationship that they have to their parents, the male and female energies that we are all born out of. The play of polar energies, ying & yang, north & south, black & white, the duality, where in every situation can be thought to exist six degrees of freedom in movement, and from that comes the paradoxical play of duality in everything we experience in this 3D-plane of existence that our planet Earth is situated in from Humans viewpoint.

3D coordinates, six directions of freedom

3D coordinates, six directions of freedom

3D Ying Yang, Play Of Polarities

3D Ying Yang, Play Of Polarities

This play of duality can be seen in the binary operation of computers also, potential differences of binary 0 and 1. Everything in computers is based on the measured voltage differences between different logical operations, gates that either let through current or don’t. Computers are programmed by placing restrictions on the flow of current from point A to point B.

Binary Potential

Binary Potential

Humans are programmed through their energies in their environment, social relations, things they sense and relate actions, emotions, feelings, sensations to. Human Programming is implemented with language, behaviorinal modification, audiovisual programming and external stimulus. Basically humans are programmable biocomputers, sensing the world based on duality of everything. Our operating system are different thinking models, religions, and belief systems.

There are many different philosophies related to different Operating Systems. The Operating System basically defines the Universe in which different Software, or Digital Life, can run. One particulary interesting is the GNU Way of Things, where all information is shared and believed to be beneficial for the whole User Community. User interaction is the key factor in developing a better world and a better way to run these Digital Realms, as contributing members of the Open Source movement. Where every piece of code shared can potentially contribute directly to the World they are Running in. Other developers can improve and build upon these shared foundations of code, effectively Spreading the Love.

Sharing Is Caring, Pirat Byran

Sharing Is Caring

GNU Is Not Unix

GNU Is Not Unix

Systems running GNU/Linux are derived from the UNIX way of doing things, and also from UNIX comes the way of running software inside the OS. Big part of these systems are the different processes handling background shuffling of information through the kernel, BIOS and CPU. In UNIX these background processes are called Daemons.

Human Demon

Human Demon

BSD Devil

BSD Devil

UNIX Daemons seem to be The Digital Manifestations of so called Spirits the Greek called Daimon, Mysterious Gods of Ancient Time, or “Supernatural Beings Between Mortals and Gods, such as Inferior Divinities and Ghosts of Dead Heroes” (Plato’s Symposium).  They act in the digital realms as opposed to the old “analog” realms of past life. They act between the Divine (The Machine) and the mortal (The Users). They are not of the malevolent kind (demon), but more like Demigods delivering messages between the user realm and the realm of binary.

The deal with UNIX Daemon processes is that they act as mediators between the User Software Processes and the Operating System. Like the process initd that is started right after the kernel has bootstrapped itself and created the Universe where the Daemons can play. Initd then starts other processes according to the settings The Sysadmin has setup in the system. Thus is the Universe created and it is time to wait for the users to start asking the Daemons if they could run their own programs.

Sysadmin Of The Universe

Sysadmin Of The Universe

Galaxies Born

Galaxies Born

Then according to different rights granted by the God of The System, or the mysterious ROOT account which There Can only Be One in any given installation of an OS and even if you rename the user or rename, his/her user ID will be Zero and thus there can only really be only One True God in any Universe (or running instance of any OS), Always Identified by his user ID which is Zero. And Zero is the number of which he will be identified.

Divine Spark

Divine Spark

You never are the mysterious root account, as there can only be one root account per OS. But you can become the root account by means of rituals and summonings of medium spirits that let you be in touch with God. One such medium software to summon the almighty root account is ‘su’, or ‘sudo’. Providing the user knows the correct spells, or passwords, he/she can be granted for a moment superpower rights. But these powers come with a responsibility, as the user has also the power to trash their system or make it completely unusable. With power comes responsibility, same thing as in the analog world.

Shamans also carry  the power to alter their Realities and the realities of others.  Shamans interact with the mystical powers of the Universe, communicating with Angels & Demons, realizing these higher aspects of ourselves and working together with them, using spells and rituals that help them to achieve what they want. With this power comes great responsibility, when used improperly can cause great disturbances in the balance of everything, even leading to thrashing the very system we operate in.

Aren’t UNIX processes God Parts of our Computers who the “Shaman” or “Sysadmin” as is the term used in the Digital World, Communicates With and tries to make peace with these Demigodlike processes ?