Natural High from Using GeoKone.NET ^_^

Lately I’ve been realizing what GeoKone.NET actually is and why it is so addictive in some senses. I many times have noticed that when I create geometry with GeoKone, my mind is being surprised by the results and it receives a prize in the form of endorphines or something, the feeling is like discovering Something Completely New within somewhere that it should not be, interweaved between the different connecting geometries, hidden, waiting for me to unravel it.

From this ..

From this ..

GeoKone Is A Tool For Expressing Energy

To This.. GeoKone Is A Tool For Expressing Energy!


When exploring these seemingly simple geometrical shapes, with GeoKone you can almost like play a game of seek and hide, by zooming in and out of the formations, changing parameters and seeing how they connect for completely new connections. It’s like a constant Aha!” feeling in the brain, like the mind is seeing new things that weren’t there before and it brings a child like joy to me to explore these forms.

Geometry Makes New Connections

Geometry Makes New Connections

I have witnessed and heard about this same feeling with other people so many times now, that I am really happy to see that others beside me also see this effect. It is almost intoxicating, and in some senses it is, as how I see is that our brains create new connections somehow when they are given Natural Geometry to explore. It is like connecting the neural networks withing us, connecting the dots to create new connections and see things in a new way. Same as with music connecting new things, also visuals can do the same thing, especially if we are expressing ourselves in the process.

This can create almost like a intoxicated effect in the user, like my dear companion Anna said that she felt almost drunk from the effect.

I also found this Blog Post from Young, Broke and Awesome describing the effects:

“There are a lot of things that provoke my curiosity, but nothing works better than geometry. I love watching shapes evolve into beautiful patterns and designs. It is amazing how much beauty erupts from simple inputs and small changes of variables. In the midst of my computer explorations of the day, I stumbled upon this awesome little app called “GeoKone” after I googled “Geometry generator”. I became intoxicated by the program. I made so many different shapes and patterns in a matter of seconds using simple commands.”

I would love to understand this effect more and where it comes from, and what it feels like. So, if you have noticed the same kind of effects, of achieving some kind of natural high or otherwise altered state of mind while using GeoKone, I would be happy to hear. Please leave a comment here or e-mail me at Sakari AT PsiTriangle D0T NET (unscramble this)!

Thank you!

Get Naturally Intoxicated!

Now go to http://app.GeoKone.NET, create Geometry and get Naturally Intoxicated ^_^ !


How We Are Being Programmed By The Television

My view on what mainstream television is currently:


Mainstream TV is a way of transmitting Visual Programming for People. Locking Us in front of the strangely pulsating screens, letting our brains fall into sleep and succumb into the mind numbing pleasureness of watching the latest episode of the current blockbuster series. Keeping us sedated, relaxed in our chairs, peaceful.

TV Programming

TV Programming

Enter: Tainment, which keeps us in our current place. How many hours of human development has been wasted by staring into these hypnotizing devices ? How much more richer our lives could be if we were not kept back by the imposed world views of the Mass Media Providers ?

We are being programmed by the TV all the time. We think characters in TV series are Real, we talk about them like they are our Friends. “Hey, did you hear what happened to Joey in the last episode of Friends ? Wasn’t that crazy?! Oh man, That Joey guy!”. We talk about Imaginery People like they are real, something tangible. Isn’t this classed as psychotic behavior by some ? Are we living in a Dream? In a Fantasy ? And if we are, who are we allowing to Create that Fantasy ? You .. or those who control the mass media ?

Want your kid to become a Slave to the Caffeine filled, sugary cola drinks ? Want your kid to think that dressing up like Britney Spears is something to be wanted in Life ? Want your kids heroes to be sucking up to Big Companies that continue raping our Planet for Profit. Then do nothing, let your kids get their world views from the mainstream media, and watch how our society transforms slowly into a land filled with Shopping Centre Temples, where Money, Image, Ego and Golden Bling Bling are worshipped and where everyone is a Slave to the System they have Built.

And From The Heavens God Passed Down Hundreds of Dollars

And From The Heavens God Passed Down Hundreds of Dollars, And Oh Joy, It Was Good

The One God we worship now, Money,  goes Beyond Everything. Morals, Empathy, Feelings and almost everything can be surpassed by the Greed For Money. We have iMagiNated and Created This One Monoteistic Earthly God,  Money, by worshipping it everywhere, putting our I-Magi-Nations into it.

Through Us and Our Lust For Money & Power, Power Over Other Men, we Continue To Support this System (US:THEM).

What We Imagine

We Create

Imagine If You Could Imagine All That Ever Existed

Imagine If You Could Imagine All That Ever Existed

Funny how Easy it Is, but That’s It. When We Imagine Constant Fear and Doubt for the Future, We Create Constant Fear and Doubt.

Currently we live in a System (Us, Them) that Encourages this kind of IMagiNation.

But I Thought Slavery Did Not Exist!

But I Thought Slavery Did Not Exist!

We have to first Break The System, In Order to Evolve. Currently, Mass Media, Movies, CDs, Advertising, Religions, Governments, they all push down the idea of Constant Fear. Fear of the War. Fear that There Is Not Enough for Everyone. That only those who Prove themselves in the Money Game are allocated Resources. Limiting our natural way to Evolve. Limiting Free Copying of Digital Material. Limiting with Copyrights, Patents, Deals, Social Numbers, Rules, Limitations and ultimately Neural Programmings that control everything we do in life.

WHAT? THERE IS _******* ?

WHAT? THERE IS _******* ?

When we break free from that limiting system, we see how things really are. So, if you still want to keep on watching TV, go ahead. But know that it is designed to keep us Passive Consumers, whose behaviour is being modified all the time into a Easily Controlled Group Model, resembling that of Frightened Sheep, kept in a passive mode by filling it’s body with highly sedative and Feelings – blocking chemicals.

Primal Sacred Geometry .. Being Taken Over By Someone

Primal Sacred Geometry .. Being Taken Over By Someone. (Yeah, They Know About Power of Sacred Geometry)

Pushing down passivating cow milk & sugary poison drinks, dictating what News we should beLIEve and what products to buy. Even going So Far as Creating these Fake and Illusionist Reflections of What is Currently Happening in our World, called Movies & TV Series, where people are being told that “THIS IS A MOVIE, THIS IS NOT REAL”.

Then Creating Movies Out Of Real Things, making us beLIEve that This Event Only Happens In Movies, and not In Real Life.

Ultimately, programming our Minds to tell us “THIS IS NOT REAL”, which leads to us Denying that Event from being Created, because we cannot I-Magi-Ne it.

Making us Think that what you see, may not be Real. It may be Unreal. That something you experience, cannot Exists at all. So Far have we Gone in Experiencing Total Disconnection From The True Nature of Our Universe and Creating this big Illusion of Dis-Connectivity. But It Is Time To Move On. To REvolve, Evolve and Ultimately just Love.

What Will Lead Us To This? It’s Simple:

Do Not Let Any External Source To Tell You What You Can iMagiNe!

This Way, We will automatically start behaving as It Is Natural For Us, in Respect With Nature, and with Respect to Each Others. As we start acting on our Highest Behalf, we are at the same time assisting others to walk their paths following  their true Passion. If we Hide Our Powers, We Will Not Reflect the True Nature of Our Selves, and We Will Stay Enslaved as Anonymous Work Drones.

We Have So Long Been Programmed Into Thinking that we do not have enough, that we are not enough, that we need to buy these sunglasses to look cool, to wear these shirts, to listen to this music and to BeLieVe in these Gods and Masters, for they Know The Secret to Life and are So, Oh So, Sacred and Holy! But, We All Have The Secret Within All Of Us, all we have to do is To Look Within, to Find It ! :)

Look Within

Look Within