GeoKone.NET :: Interactive Geometry Generator

What is GeoKone.NET ?

GeoKone.NET is an Interactive Sacred Geometry Generator that Runs in Your Browser. The word sacred refers to the fact that this kind of natural geometry was used in the construction of many sacred buildings and churches around the world. Actually it is just Natural Geometry, something that can be found in Nature all Around Us.

GeoKone.NET in Action :: Creating Geometry based on the number 4

GeoKone.NET in Action :: Creating Geometry based on the number 4

With GeoKone.NET you can Create Art based on Recursion of Concentric Circles. By default, everything is created based on the natural constant Phi, or the Golden Ratio. This approach creates by default some very natural and life like looking formations, as the Rules are mimicked from Nature Itself.

GeoKone.NET 0.99 In Action

GeoKone.NET 0.99 In Action

How can I use GeoKone.NET ?

First make sure you are running a modern browser, like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or upwards. Firefox recommended. Then point your browser to http://GeoKone.NET and click on the ‘Launch GeoKone’ link.

GeoKone is best used with the combination of Mouse and Keyboard ! On the screen you see the formations you are modifying. Each formation has a set of parameters you can modify from the paramater pages on the right or directly by using the keyboard.

All the keyboard commands that modify a single parameter on the formation are divided into increase/decrease counterparts. For example, the keys A/Z increase and decrease the Number of Points, S/X increase and decrease the Recursion Depth and E/R increases and decreases the Line Weight and so on. These keys are placed next to each other on the keyboard, so that you can intuitively change different parameters without having to look around too much.

You can also see this Tutorial Video for some pointers on how to get started! Be sure to check out the ‘Help/Keyboard Commands’ also.

Now browse to http://GeoKone.NET and start playing around with recursive geometry!


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