GeoKone.NET 0.98.13 Released :: Save PNG Images with Transparent Background

New version of http://GeoKone.NET is out today!

GeoKone.NET :: Create Sacred Geometry!

GeoKone.NET :: Create Sacred Geometry!

Release Notes

I’ve released a couple of maintenance releases after 0.98.10 was announced, here are the changes:

  • Saving of PNG images with Transparent Backgrounds. Finally! :)
  • Fixed Scene Saving Overwrite check to work
  •  Only activate touch input mode when clicking on the canvas area, not on the borders. Preventing
    accidental modifying of the formations hopefully.
  • Removed the layer container numbers, not really bringing any new information and probably slowed down drawing
  • Show spinning cursor when loading & saving scenes, big scene saving & loading can take a while, show some feedback
  • Improve and fix the Randomize feature to generate formations with more parameter changes
  • Minor optimizations

Saving PNG Images with Transparent Background

GeoKone.NET finally supports saving PNG images with transparent background, saving the alpha information correctly. This means you no longer have to manually cut out the transparent areas or figure out different blending options to make compositing images good in Photoshop for example. GeoKone can now draw high quality, high resolution, beautiful antialiased formations with alpha transparency!

The image above was made with with the new version. This is a really welcome addition suggested by many users, makes transferring art from GeoKone to other programs much more easier and better looking.

To Save Images with Transparent Background, Choose the ‘Transparent Background’ option in the Save Image dialog, and make sure you Save the Image to your disk from the browser.

At least with Firefox just copying the image doesn’t preserve the transparency correctly for some reason, I have to save the image to my disk first and then continue editing from there.

Start Creating Geometry!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET and start creating Sacred Geometry!

GeoKone.NET 0.98.10 Beta Released :: Reset Your Account Password!

I’ve just updated GeoKone.NET to version 0.98.10 ! This update is mainly a server side update, the server code has been re-written completely, you can read more about this in the previous post.

A New Flower Has Been Born!

A New Flower Has Been Born!

Release Notes

This version brings the following new improvements:

  • Reset Your Password! You can now reset your account password, finally :)
  • Improved Sign Up Process: Registering a new user is now much better experience
  • Faster Scene Loading & Saving: The Server is now re-written using Node.JS + Express + MongoDB, meaning improved latency when loading and saving scenes. This will also allow me to implement new features much more easily in the future versions

Reset Your Current Account Password

If you are registered as GeoKone.NET user, this means that before you can login to the new version, you have to reset your password using the link

‘Forgot Password?’

At the right top of the page. This will send you an email with the instructions on how to reset your password.
If you are not receiving the password reset e-mail, please check your spam folder. If no mail is still arriving, please e-mail *contact AT* and include your username and email.

Start Creating Geometry!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET and start creating Sacred Geometry!


Touching Sacred Geometry by Pablo Tochez

Wow, found this very beautiful and touching Sacred Geometry video by Pablo Toches:

Very beautiful, love the style and atmosphere this creates with the simple but effective geometry, the soundtrack fits perfectly too. Make sure to watch in Full HD. This caused some kind of transformation to happen within myself, it is always very mystical to experience this kind of effect that sacred geometry can have on people experiencing it.


GeoKone.NET 0.98.03 Released

New Version 0.98.03 Beta is Online

GeoKone.NET 0.98.03 Beta has Been Released today.

This is a maintenance release, containing couple of bug fixes and new larger default scene size if the browser window is big enough. Also, the Scene Dimensions now has pre-sets for 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 sets. Enjoy :) For more details, see ChangeLog.

Circuitry Of Gods :: Created with GeoKone.NET

Circuitry Of Gods :: Created with GeoKone.NET


GeoKone.NET 0.98.02 Released – Now Supports Mouse/Touch Input!

GeoKone.NET - Shattering Geometry!

GeoKone.NET – Shattering Geometry!

Mouse input! Yes, finally GeoKone.NET supports mouse/touch input for the following adjustments:

  •  Move Formation
  •  Scale Formation
  •  Rotate Formation
GeoKone NET 0.98.02 - The Action Toolbar For Selecting Mouse Adjust Mode For Primary Button

GeoKone NET 0.98.02 – The Action Toolbar On The Left For Selecting Mouse Adjust Mode For Primary Button

The new Input Adjust Toolbar can be used to Select The Action that the First Mouse Button is bound to adjust. The second mouse button always moves the formation. This allows you to move the formation around, while easily rotating and scaling the formation also.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts 1, 2 and 3 to select the active toolbar action.

This is a Game Changer :) As Moving/Rotating/Scaling the formations with the mouse allows much more natural expression than before was possible. This also enables almost animation like scaling and rotation effects to be found while exploring geometry that creates interference at different rotation and radius points.

Mouse Input Testing

Mouse Input Allows Much More Natural Placement .. Who would have thought about that? :)

Contains also bunch of bug fixes and usability improvements, thanks for people who have reported any bugs or feature requests! :) Check out full ChangeLog for more details.

Accurate Circles Bubbling Under

Accurate Circles Bubbling Under


Now browse to http://GeoKone.NET and Start Creating Sacred Geometry!


GeoKone.NET 0.98.00 Is Alive! :: Layer Style Formation Selector, Filled Shapes & New UI Looks

Excited to announce a new version of GeoKone.NET, 0.98.00! This version brings the new Layer Style Formation selector, a more professional looking User Interface, new parameters for the formations and lots of small improvements and bug fixes.

New UI Layout with the Layer Style Polyform Selector

New UI Layout with the Layer Style Polyform Selector On The Left

Major new feature is the Layer Style Formation selector which allows you to preview the formations in their thumbnail containers when editing. This also allows Arrangement of Formations, allowing you to control in which order the formations are drawn. Use keys ‘[‘ and ‘]’ to arrange formations!

The new User Interface style is targeted more towards graphics designers, focusing on clean and unobtrusive looks, allowing you to focus more on the content instead of the UI.

Creating Hexagon Patterns, Showcasing Filled Shapes

Creating Hexagon Patterns, Showcasing Filled Shapes

Another new feature is that it is now possible to fill the formations with a solid color, allowing even more flexible visualizations to be created. The keyboard shortcut ‘h’ toggles filling of shapes!

Drawing of Lines can also now be disabled, which means you can example only draw the points of a formation, and not the lines connecting the points. The keyboard shortcut ‘-‘ toggles drawing of lines.

This version introduces the following new Keyboard Shorcuts:

'[': Send Formation Backward
']': Bring Formation Forward

'-': Toggle Drawing Of Lines
'H': Toggle Fill Formation

'1': Decrease Number Of Child Points Ratio
'2': Increase Number Of Child Points Ratio
'3': Decrease Fixed Number Of Child Points
'4': Increase Fixed Number Of Child Points

The performance should also be increased a lot compared to previous versions, as there has been big internal changes in the way things are handled. Lots of small improvements and bugfixes also! Still, I had to let go of some of the optimizations I had made, because they were causing problems in the drawing, so not as fast as I would have still hoped for, but it’s better than the previous versions.

Whew! This has been a big release for me, comprising of changes made in the past three months, including an almost complete rewrite of the core logics. I hope you like it, and expect more improvements in the future, eg. Mouse Interaction will be coming at some point! :)

Here is a Psychedelic Starfish to promote this release, this was created with assistance of GeoKone.NET and the Final Cut Pro Kaleidosscope feature. Now go to GeoKone.NET and Start Creating some Geometry!

Showcasing artists using GeoKone.NET

First I want to thank to many of those who have given feedback about GeoKone.NET, many telling me that they love this software and what it does, and these comments  really have made my heart fill with joy. Thank you all! I will choose some of those quotes and put them in the front page of GeoKone.NET soon.

During the last couple of months I have discovered couple of artists using GeoKone.NET to assist them in creating some really cool Sacred Geometry based art. I would like to show a couple of their works here, and urge you to check out their Facebook pages for more awesome images. I am really happy to see that artists other than me have found GeoKone to be useful, this gives me a lot of motivation to continue working on GeoKone.

First, I want to showcase couple of organic Sacred Geometry Figures made by Dusty Goods:

How Cool is this Tiger?

How Cool is this Tiger?

This Lion shows some Real Power

This Lion shows some Real Power

Love the colors and Depth in this skull

Love the colors and Depth in this skull

“When I first came across GeoKone I was thoroughly blown away. I began by just clicking the random generator and a few caught my attention as mimicking nature.

The owl, butterfly, and clover designs, were the first images I created just clicking the random generator and trying to make out what I could see. Then as I played with it more, I started having a plan and manipulating the patterns to be what I wanted them to be.”

Dusty Goods

I actually found out his page by “accident” and I was really surprised and happy to see what images he had been able to create with assistance of GeoKone.NET. Make sure to check out his Facebook page for some more awesome images!

The second artist I want to feature here is Bill Brouard or Visual Alchemy. I stumbled upon Bills work when a friend of me suggested to check his page out, and boy I was surprised to see familiar looking shapes in his works :) Here is a couple of images I find resonating with me:

Love the Colors on this one

Love the Colors on this one, brings a calming effect

A Really Nice 3D effect on this one!

A Really Nice 3D effect on this one!

This speaks to me on many levels

This speaks to me on many levels

“Can I start by saying a big thank you for having created GeoKone. NET it is a tool that I have been using daily for a good few months now and it has increased my creative output massively.”

“The Randomize feature is one of my favourites as I quickly started to to see the massive potential of your great program and watching some of your youtube videos helped also.”

– Visual Alchemy aka Bill Brouard

These are only a couple of the huge catalog images he has created, be sure to check out his Facebook page out too!

Are you creating art with assistance of GeoKone.NET ?

Let me know! Leave a comment on this page anywhere, or mail me at Sakari AT PSI Triangle D0T NET :) I will gladly link to your page and feature your work here and perhaps on the GeoKone.NET front page when I get to updating a “Featured Artists” page there. Thank you! :)

GeoKone.NET 0.97.07 Beta Out :: Set Exported Image Size Freely!

I’ve just released another update for http://GeoKone.NET (oh yeah, I also updated the lander page a while ago!). The big new feature with this version is that you can now freely specify the size of the images you are saving :)

Cymatic Waves (click for full res 8000x6400)

Cymatic Waves (click for full res 8000×6400)

This means you can finally export those print or design quality images straight from GeoKone, like 4000×3000 or 8000×6000 pixels. I tested up to 20 0000 x 16 0000. The larger the file, the longer it takes to generate the picture.

This also means that you have a high probability of crashing your browser while doing it, if you are using something else than recent versions of Firefox. Firefox still seems to be the only browser to handle really big  images without crashing.

Chrome seems to work up to 8000×6000 or something, depending on the complexity of the scene.

Safari is the worse, it will crash very easily even with 4000×3000 images.

This has to do with the way images are currently exported as URL encoded PNG images, most browsers just can’t seem to handle so long URLs that these big images generate. So, to stay safe, use Firefox when you want to export images.

As always, see full ChangeLog here