Video :: Dive Into Recursive Geometry!

Here is my presentation from Assembly 2014, talking about Natural Geometry and the effects creating it can have on our level of awareness, and introducing our upcoming Virtual Reality Experience, Geometrify.

Big thanks to Olli Sinerma for arranging this VR -track and all the other speakers, Paavo S Ho, Kaomas Turmakallio and Samuli Jääskeläinen, really enjoyed all of your sets. Be sure to check out their presentations on the same Youtube channel if you are interested in Virtual Reality and where it has been coming from and what is happening right now.

About 15-20 people tried our Geometrify tech-demo, some of the comments included “pure joy”, “being in a flow state”, “damn nice” and many others. Thank you for everyone testing it out and giving feedback!

PS. We’re looking to hire a graphics programmer here in Helsinki to continue work on Geometrify. Please contact us if you are interested! :)