GeoKone.NET Interactive Geometry Projection Installation @ Kosmos Festival 2015

For the last three weeks, I had been working on creating an interactive GeoKone.NET powered geometry installation for Kosmos 2015 Festival. The idea was to create an interactive installation that people could control themselves and synchronize the visuals to the music playing on the Spacetime Stage at the festival.

Designign the controller interface

Designing the controller interface

Google Chrome browser has webmidi -support builtin, so connecting a Korg Kaosspad R3 controller to my laptop and reading midi -signals was pretty easy. Just had to figure out how to have some kind of intelligent and intuitive controls.

The idea was also not to break the geometry or the visuals, because with GeoKone you can pretty easily crash the browser, because exponential growth in processing and memory when increasing the recursion depth or number of points in the scene.

So I had to design some kind of limitations too, so that people could not mess up the beautiful scenes. And really to create new scenes with the controller was too difficult, so I created a bunch of nice scenes people could browse and select one to modify and work from there.

I’m pretty happy how the installation turned out! Here are a couple of videos from the event (Thanks to Suvi Suvereeni for filming and sharing):


People really seemed to enjoy this, as I observed people staying on the controller for long periods of time, some even as long as 30 minutes. Visitors also got the hang of synchronizing the visuals to the music, which was nice to see! :) Here is a quote from a user:

That was awesome! I hope I will get to try that again some time, one of the best moments of this summer for sure!

So! This means that in the future, GeoKone will have MIDI -support! You can plugin any controller and control the scenes with your favorite hardware .. how about that :) Can’t wait to implement this properly.

Also, big thanks to Miika Kuisma and Samuel Aarnio for helping me on site, and for everybody who collaborated on the stage and made this possible.

Until then, now work continues again on Geometrify, which about I will update more info later.

GeoKone.NET Updated :: Now With Rainbow Fractals, watch out Unicorns!

GeoKone.NET has just evolved into a very fine tuned rainbow fractal machine, Unicorns and Nyan Cats watch out! Color hue animation support will bring out so much new exciting possibilities, especially when combined with the tracing option.  Warning: may cause epilepsy or flashbacks of the 70s! ;)

Automatic hue animation!

Automatic hue animation!

Much UI polish, renaming of formations to layers, more keyboard shortcuts. Overall, just slowly cooked polish (no offend to people of Poland) everywhere! Oh yeah, everything is now saved and loaded from the Cloud, those old servers were so boring, the new clouds are much better! (cough).

Another example. Imagine what you can do with this!

Another example. Imagine what you can do with this!

More refined example when hue rotation speed is lower

More refined example when hue rotation speed is lower

Another example. You could create beautiful wallpapers with this.

Another example. You could create beautiful wallpapers with this.

Be sure to check out the rewritten Help page for more details:

Point Radius Ratio setting removed, breakage of old scenes with points

Unfortunately something old must go in order to make room for new, so I removed the Point Radius Ratio parameter to simplify things, now you only set the Point Radius directly. The behaviour of this also changed, now the point sizes are directly related to the Child Radius Ratio setting, so you can create images like this:

Rorschach like patterns with new point radius behaviour

Rorschach like patterns with new point radius behaviour

Also, big thank you again anybody who has donated! I will make a list of GeoKone.NET supporters. Your money has gone towards paying the servers and purchasing some nice music from, so you are indirectly supporting other indie artists too!

Donate Button

Enjoy! Go play with this live at http://GeoKone.NET !


GeoKone.NET 0.99.05 Released :: Scene Zooming & Sharing

http://GeoKone.NET has been updated! Now with support for Scene Zooming!

Abstract Art :: GeoKone can be used to create more Abstract Art too!

DigiTotemical :: GeoKone can be used to create more Abstract Art too!

Actually there have been a couple of releases since the last blog post here, so I will post here the major changes between those:

Release Notes

  • Scene Sharing You can now share your scenes to others with the “Scene/Share Scene” functionality. Eg:
  • Maximum Workspace, The “Scene/Maximum Workspace” option will maximize workspace and set GeoKone to fullscreen (keyboard shortcuts not working with Safari in fullscreen :( )
  • Paramater Sliders, for many of the Formation Parameters, the values are now set with horizontal sliders. This makes it easier to see visually and to adjust with mouse/touch input values.
  • Scene Zooming, you can now Zoom in and out of the scene with the toolbar magnifier glass icon. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and makes GeoKone more intuive and fun to use. Use the keyboard shortcut ‘4’ for easy access. The keys 1-4 can be used for easy access to mouse operations.
  • Changed Keyboard shortcuts: Removed Stroke Weight to free up keys, also Child Number Of Points moved to 6/7 and Fixed Number Of Childs Points to Y/U.
  • Multiple Formations Copied in correct order, a stupid bug that was there for a couple of releases, if you had multiple formations selected with Mod All and copied them, they were copied in the reverse order, resulting in incorrect arrangement. Now it works properly.

For full list of changes, see the ChangeLog.

Development Progress

Haven’t updated this site for a long time, because I’ve been busy working on what is going to be the next version of GeoKone, but something completely different .. let me just say that meditative, sound and Oculus Rift are the focus for the software I am now working on .. It will be something totally mindblowing :)

Good things are happening, I’ve been demoing a tech demo of this to a handful of people and all of them have been impressed by the results, we are now in the process of looking for a team of people to take this thing forwards. More on this as we get more concrete results, at this point I don’t want to spill too much as the software is still finding it’s shape, but I can say we are aiming for the release of Oculus Rift consumer version. Hopefully will make it!

Create Geometry! Have Fun!

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET and start playing around with Recursive Geometry!