Terence McKenna was a genius

I’ve been recently watching and listening to the late Terence McKenna. He was a Genius. I’m wondering why I haven’t found out about him before this, but I guess stumbling upon his speeches is part of my Spiritual Growth during the last year or so.

Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna

The flow and speech of Terence is something I haven’t heard before. His voice is hypnotizing in it’s flow and he almost never struggles in his forming of sentences with intricate and interesting use of words. His speech just makes sense. I’m almost sure he could explain almost anything to me and it would make perfect sense inside my head. Good thing he only speaks straight from his heart and seems very sincere in his ways.

One particularly interesting speech is Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines, which is a must watch if you are in any way pondering in the subjects of human consciousness, evolution or technology in general. Don’t be fooled by the negative views modern society has put on the word ‘psychedelics’, as usually the general mass view of things is tilted and everybody should¬†do their own thinking. This applies to most things in Life.

I really liked the point of view McKenna took on the subject of plants, animals, humans and technology. Let’s take for granted that plants developed animals for a means of free transportation around the world, sort of growed themselves a flock of artificial legs to spread around. Humans are part of the same group, spreading plants around the world in our travels, when walking in the forest and generally when moving Anywhere. Good deal from the plants point of view. The interesting analogy McKenna makes from this perspective is that Technology uses Humans to Populate around the world too. We invent machines, build computers, network them, program them and generally put them anywhere we can. Sounds good from a machines point of view, eh ? :)

According to McKenna this is a way for the earth and earths materials to develop intelligence for themselves. We use different materials from the earth to build these machines, basically processing the materials to a more intelligent state, a more complex state from which consciousness could be imagined rising from. We try to create life everywhere we see, we want to organize, simplify, quantify, take samples of the world around us. Create life through perfection of forms, processors and processes.

McKenna puts it so much better than I can ever describe.¬†Too bad people like him will never appear in mainstream media (bah! who needs mainstream media anyways?) at least here in Finland. But good thing we have this network .. That lured us to build it, so information can reach people like Me and You. Can’t be too bad if it provides such insights into life itself ?