Bashar Talks About Sacred Circuitry

I stumbled upon this video when my friend Alexander introduced me to the 15 Sacred Circuitry Symbols that Bashar (Multi-dimensional being, channeled through Darryl Anka) is speaking in this video:

In this video, put briefly, Bashar talks about a set of Sacred Circuitry (or geometry) that when focused on with intent, will tune our brains to a certain frequency that allows us to receive and transmit energies that the individual symbol represents in our collective consciousness.

Particularly one part struck a chord with me, the part where Bashar talks about the symbols being actual sentient beings (starting at 48 minutes):

“You must really all of you, begin to learn, to understand, you are truly forming a relationship WITH A SENTIENT TOOL. It is SENTIENT, It’s Aware. It’s an Autonomous Being! It will actually begin to Talk To You. You must understand, these symbols as Beings.

This is, in a sense, again, we understand, and please, understand this is a again a symbolic euphemism, a colloquialism. If you wish to put it this way: These Structures, Are Like, The Skeletal, Neurological Forms. The Skeletal Neurogogical X-Rays of Nature Spirits.

Commune With Them!

They will Commune with You. They are Archetypal Aspects, Archetypal Attributes Of your Collective Consciousness. You can actually create Dialogue With Them.”

I can really relate to this. When working with Sacred Geometry, sometimes it really feels I am communicating with a sentient being. That the image I am working on, is able to open some sort of portal or opening to another dimension of beings, who are able to communicate through this doorway.

Focus Portal

Focus Portal

There is something very magical about Sacred Circuits and Sacred Geometry. The key is to DO IT YOURSELF, in order to feel the effects. Just by looking at pictures made by other people is not enough, although it can also work, but when you do it yourself, you are forming an relationship with that form and with that geometry, and then you are actually creating this connection in your own brain and in your consciousness.

Through this relationship with the Sacred Geometries, you are opening yourself up, you are creating a bridge between something Very Natural and Yourself.

The effects can be very interesting. Many times when working on a certain piece, I have felt like it has tried to commune something very important to me. Something that affects my whole being. That allows me to see things in a whole new way.

Physically, it can be felt also. Certain formations will start to live inside my head even after I stop creating them. I can see them when I close my eyes, I can feel them raising my vibration and creating a certain effect, like allowing me to focus better, or to see things from a new angle.

So, what are you waiting for ? Start playing with these formations! Either in physical form with paper and pen (or what every you prefer) or by doing it on your computer. This is one of the reasons I am working on GeoKone.NET, to promote these experiences I’ve had and to let others feel it too!