Is our Internet freedom being threatened by the EU ?


EU telecoms package

EU telecoms package

Like many of the Internet dwellers yesterday, I noticed a distressing page advertised on the frontpage of yesterday: and further on to Reading on the subject I was really surprised, are they really voting on the freedom of Internet tomorrow on the 21st day in Sweden? Sweden is right next here to Finland, and this kind of news right in the tails of censoring child pornography related sites and Lex Nokia this seems like the thing we have been subtly prepared for.

I don’t want to live in a world where mass media is owned by the same companies, e-mails are being watched by your employer (Lex Nokia here in Finland) or any content chosen by the internet provider marked is censored because it is controversial (already happening with child pornography). Does anobody who stands for freedom of speech want this?

I can imagine the reasoning how this will be sold to the public. They will make a claim that it’s for something good for the whole public and make the subject so controversial that nobody can comment against it without their public image being put on a negative light. Good examples of these kind of subjects are child pornography, racism or the ever so popular “Think of the children!”. You don’t want to be a pervert, racist or a child hater, do you ? This is how the mass of people will be lured into not exactly being for the cause, but certainly not being against the case. This has already happened with the controversial child pornography filters as mentioned earlier, and the same thing is happening with racism too, see the case of Halla-Aho in Finland:

I can’t really understand what the new proposed law runs against, as the big pictures is fuzzy and not everything is told to the conserned citizen. Sites like rumored about this kind of law coming into passing earlier, but I don’t really know how reliable the sources are. Some older news like say that this is happening too, and that they’re doing it for “improving users rights”. Yes, we all know companies like to watch for their users rights, and not how deep their own pockets run.

I will be ready to go on the streets for this. My plan for now is to ask my local representavies if they know any more about this act and let them know that people care.