Geokone Tutorial Video :: Creating Sacred Geometry Live

I did an quick’n’sleek tutorial video on how to create beautiful Geometry with  GeoKone.NET., check out the video here:

In this video I go through the basics, while creating art and explaining what I am doing.

Just watching somebody create geometry can also be quite relaxing, especially with great music by Miika Kuisma in this video.

Video :: Export frame-by-frame movie from GeoKone Tutorial

I had some inspiration to do a long requested tutorial on how to export movies out of GeoKone, so I decided to make it as the new version 0.99.62 has the ability to export frame-by-frame by using the combination of “PrintScreen/ctrl+p, ‘ (quote), Enter” keyboard shortcuts.

Here is the tutorial video, featuring background music by my friend Luminescent:

With this technique you can also export GIF -animations! Here is an example:

This image showcases the Hue Rotation feature in the new release

This image showcases the Hue Rotation feature in the new release

Enjoy this new feature and have fun, go to http://GeoKone.NET and start playing around with these new features!

GeoKone.NET 0.97 Is Out! Includes Tutorial Video on How To Create Seed Of Life

New Version Live! Check it out at http://www.GeoKone.NET !

GeoKone 0.97b brings High Resolution exporting! Click on image to see Full Resolution version

GeoKone 0.97b brings High Resolution exporting! Click on image to see Full Resolution version

Release Notes

I’m excited to announce the new version of GeoKone.NET today, with support for the following new major features (ChangeLog):

  • High Resolution PNG Image Exporting! This allows GeoKone finally to be used seriously as a Graphic Design tool.
  • Saving & Loading of GeoKone Scenes from our Server. This means you can save your scenes easily in one place and continue working on them later from anywhere. You need to register an account and login in order for this to work, the Sign Up link can be found on the front page.
  • Many UI improvements, including Palette Container which allows easy selection of colors.

This release finally starts to resemble the vision I had about GeoKone about one year ago when I started to work seriously on GeoKone. I am happy to see this new release and hope that users like it as much as I do :)

There is still much work to do to reach the 1.0 version with all the features I have in mind, but it is getting closer and closer to actually becoming a realization. I want to thank all the people who have encouraged me to continue working on GeoKone and send thanks to all the people who have sent feedback, thank you! You keep me going :)

Tutorial on How To Create Seed Of Life with GeoKone

Along with this new release, I have made a video on how to create the classical Sacred Geometry Formation, Seed Of Life, With GeoKone:

For more information about Seed Of Life & Flower Of Life formations, see this excellent video by Charles Gilchrist :  Sacred Geometry 101D: Concentric Circles or Part 6 of the Excellent Spirit Science series :)

Want to Contribute ?

Sometimes developing for HTML5 as a platform feels like an endless swamp of hacks & tricks to get things working, so I am seriously looking into creating a Native Desktop/Mobile Device
version of GeoKone in the future.. Also, creating all the UI & Concept Designs, Client HTML, CSS & Javascript and the Server Python code has been a tremendous task, so if anyone out there wants to help, Please check out the GeoKone github project page:

Also, if you want to look at using GeoKone scenes in your C++/OpenGL project, here is a Work In Progress project for rendering GeoKone scenes realtime with OpenGL:

This one is really early in prototype stage though, but if you get it compiling (see README for how) there is an example rendering of GeoKone that is synced to audio. This would be the main purpose of this library for starters, to enable syncing of GeoKone scenes with audio in realtime and create some amazing visuals.

Contact me at <Sakari AT PsiTriAngle DOT Net> if you feel interested in contributing to this project. Any help is appreciated! :)

Now go to http://www.GeoKone.NET and start creating Sacred Geometry!