Geokone Tutorial Video :: Creating Sacred Geometry Live

I did an quick’n’sleek tutorial video on how to create beautiful Geometry with  GeoKone.NET., check out the video here:

In this video I go through the basics, while creating art and explaining what I am doing.

Just watching somebody create geometry can also be quite relaxing, especially with great music by Miika Kuisma in this video.

Harmonic Geometry Video :: MandalaScope by Miika Kuisma

Put on your headphones, toggle fullscreen, let the waves relax you, fly through you, become harmony within you. Enjoy:

MandalaScope by Miika Kuisma :: Click To Open in VImeo

MandalaScope by Miika Kuisma :: Click To Open in Vimeo :: Fullscreen & Headphones!

This beautiful video was made by Miika Kuisma (Soundcloud page) utilizing geometries made by me, shortly after first version of GeoKone was released. The music is by Above & Beyond, so we didn’t release it back then, but now I feel that any content that can quiet and relax you for a while is worth releasing! Everything is a remix after all!

I have watched this video many times, with tears going down my eyes, and I dont even really understand why, the music has a lot to do of course, but Miika has the skill to create emotions in the viewer with little subleties. May this bring harmony and joy to you, and inspire to create also!

Video :: Dive Into Recursive Geometry!

Here is my presentation from Assembly 2014, talking about Natural Geometry and the effects creating it can have on our level of awareness, and introducing our upcoming Virtual Reality Experience, Geometrify.

Big thanks to Olli Sinerma for arranging this VR -track and all the other speakers, Paavo S Ho, Kaomas Turmakallio and Samuli Jääskeläinen, really enjoyed all of your sets. Be sure to check out their presentations on the same Youtube channel if you are interested in Virtual Reality and where it has been coming from and what is happening right now.

About 15-20 people tried our Geometrify tech-demo, some of the comments included “pure joy”, “being in a flow state”, “damn nice” and many others. Thank you for everyone testing it out and giving feedback!

PS. We’re looking to hire a graphics programmer here in Helsinki to continue work on Geometrify. Please contact us if you are interested! :)

Video :: Arrival of New Information on our Planet in form of Sacred Geometry

This was our entry to Assembly Summer 2013, a big computer user & demoscene  gathering held here in Finland every year, in the Short Film Compo.

It is a symbolic story about how new information is being downloaded here on our Planet .. Represented in Sacred Geometry created with http://GeoKone.NET, edited and transformed with Final Cut Pro X. Music by Hystereo Psychovsky, all graphics & editing by Yours Truly.

Enjoy! Watch in HD, Fullscreen & with some good speakers or headphones! ^_^

Touching Sacred Geometry by Pablo Tochez

Wow, found this very beautiful and touching Sacred Geometry video by Pablo Toches:

Very beautiful, love the style and atmosphere this creates with the simple but effective geometry, the soundtrack fits perfectly too. Make sure to watch in Full HD. This caused some kind of transformation to happen within myself, it is always very mystical to experience this kind of effect that sacred geometry can have on people experiencing it.


Scientists Discover Sacred Geometry At Subatomic Level!


Sharing this short and compact video, showing images of subatomic particles showing designs of Sacred Geometry in them.

This is why understanding Sacred Geometry is so important, it is everywhere! All of our molecules are made with these rules, all of the protons, electrons, subatomic particles within those are constructed with rules of Sacred Geometry.

We should build our machines, houses, art and everything according to rules of Sacred Geometry, in order to be in Harmony with the Nature. This way, the things we build automatically are resonating with the Natural Energies!