My Mission :: Awakening to Sacred Geometry


Hello, time for something more personal this time.

I wanted to share something more personal, some of the motivation that has lead me to work with Sacred Geometry and motivation behind on my mission to continue bring people direct experience of what I believe is the creation language of our Universe.

From now on, I want to share more, be more truthful, more direct, not think so much about what I put out.  Bom shaka bom!

My Custom 3D Engine Rendering Geometry


Short clip I wanted to share, showing some recent rendering example of the custom 3D Engine, PsiTriangle Engine, I am developing is capable of doing.

This is just one testing example, rendering circular shapes, but the engine can render GeoKone -style recursive geometry. Check out http://GeoKone.NET for examples.

Video :: Crop Circles Decoded


I rarely see good videos about Sacred Geometry, this is one of them. ArcturusAnt explains calmly and with a relaxing and harmonizing tone all about what Crop Circles and the Sacred Geometry in them represents.

I too, believe, Crop Circles are here to remind us of something Universal. Some of them are made by humans, but the more complex ones, whew, when it is really difficult even to program these on a computer, I cannot really see how somebody could really make these more complex designs with just some strings and a set of boards, like some people claim.

Go ahead, try and make some of those more complex designs even with pen and paper. It’s a lot of work and the accuracy represented in some the crop circles is just amazing.

The claim that people are making these manually is just ridiculous when you understand the calculations and work that would be needed to make something like this, even without taking into account that the crops are cleanly folded from the base without damaging the plant..

Video :: Listening to Recursive Geometry :: Cymatic Experiment


My friend Hystereo Psychovsky discovered some time ago that you can listen to images with FL Studio Beepmap plugin. So he tested out feeding it some Sacred Geometry images made with GeoKone.NET, and heard that some of the results are almost resembling music and natural progressions, or like sounds from some animals, like crickets, or very spacey sounds, like coming from another dimension.

These are just some of the images we tested, some would generate even like Icaro -like chants or songs, but those will be saved for future videos. There is definitely some potential here, hopefully at some point we will be implementing pure generative sound into GeoKone, at some version :) Imagine creating audio visually from recursive geometry ^_^

But go ahead, Listen to some Geometry!

Scientists Discover Sacred Geometry At Subatomic Level!


Sharing this short and compact video, showing images of subatomic particles showing designs of Sacred Geometry in them.

This is why understanding Sacred Geometry is so important, it is everywhere! All of our molecules are made with these rules, all of the protons, electrons, subatomic particles within those are constructed with rules of Sacred Geometry.

We should build our machines, houses, art and everything according to rules of Sacred Geometry, in order to be in Harmony with the Nature. This way, the things we build automatically are resonating with the Natural Energies!